Bats are cute if you look at them carefully (not really). Bats are a nuisance and a common hassle for homeowners in Wausau, MI. If they live in your attic or home, they can cause immense damage to property and health. They carry diseases that could make you very ill if bitten by one of them. 

But, there’s no need to worry; 1st Choice Pest Solutions is here to help with our bat removal services. We’ll get rid of your bats safely and quickly, so you don’t have to worry about diseases spreading through your family or pets. We’ll protect your family from getting hurt on exposed wiring from damaged insulation caused by roosting bats in your attic or walls.

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Bats Are More Dangerous Than You Believe

One problem you don’t want to let get out of your control is pest infestation in your home. This is especially true if it’s the bats living in the attic, basement, or any other space in your house.

Bats down value homes because their urine stains your walls while creating very unpleasant odors, and their squeaky sound is irritating. Besides, they transmit diseases such as: 

  • Rabies
  • Histoplasmosis. 
  • Bacterial Growth. 

Our Bat Exterminators Aren’t Batman, But They’ll Keep You Safe.

Homeowners can avoid this issue by hiring our professional bat exterminators. We’ve got the experience and knowledge needed to remove these critters with care for both yourself and your property; helping you make sure that there are no surprises when we’re gone!

We offer a 30-day 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We’ll come out and take care of your bat infestation, but we won’t stop there. We’ll be at your home every week for the next two months to keep those little flying mammals away from you and your family!

1st Choice Pest Solutions Is A Company You Can Trust

With years of experience, you can trust that 1st Choice Pest Solutions is the best option for bat removal in Wausau. You won’t look for “pest control near me” ever again! You’ll already know who to contact. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists!