Winter is a time of year when many pests will come inside to find shelter. Rodents, bats, and even spiders may try to find warmth in your home during this cold season. These pests can damage your home—causing structural damage and diseases or even disrupt sleep cycles with their constant noise at night. 

At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, we provide total pest control solutions. We are an SQF-certified pest control company that knows how to protect your home from pests during the winter season. Get in touch now to receive your free estimate.

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Don’t Let Uninvited Guests In Your Home

By not protecting your home from pests during the winter, you are putting your home’s integrity and even your health on the line. Pest droppings can lead to allergies and respiratory problems; they chew through insulation which causes expensive repairs or energy bills that go up because you have to heat more often; some pests might even carry bacteria and viruses.

Modern Pest Control Solutions To Protect Your Home

Modern pest control solutions have come a long way in protecting homes from pests. Services like rodent control, bat removal, TAP insulation, and even general pest control can help take care of any potential pests (like bed bugs, ticks, etc.) that might try to take shelter in your home.

With a quick call, you can have one of our certified experts inspect your home for a free estimate. They can provide on-site consultation and what you should do best to protect your home during the cold months ahead. 

You’re In Reliable Hands

As an SQF-certified company, you can trust that our team knows how to handle all your pest control needs and concerns. We’ll provide you with FREE pest identification and estimate. We work efficiently, swiftly, and safely to consider your health (and theirs) when it comes to removal and pest control. And so that you can rest your mind, you’ll get a full, 30-day 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Protect Your Home From Winter Pests

Don’t break your head with searches like “pest control near me” or “insect control near me.” We can do it all when it comes to pest control, whether it’s commercial pest control or residential pest control—from humane bats removal to ants. Let us protect your health and home during these holidays.