Your home or business is one of your biggest investments that you will make in your lifetime. So why let termites make it an all-you-can-eat buffet? By ignoring termites and other wood-destroying insects, that’s exactly what you are doing. These social insects, which live in giant colonies, are always looking for wooden structures on which to feast, and your residential or commercial property could be next on their menu. Fortunately, 1st Choice Pest Solutions offers termite control services to prevent them from invading your property and causing devastating damages. 

For many years, our pest control company in Eau Claire, WI has been protecting homes and businesses from termites. From small termite problems to full-fled infestations, we’ve seen it all. Our expertise has allowed us to develop a comprehensive termite control solution for inspecting, monitoring, and treating termite activity. We have many termite treatment options available to stop an infestation quickly and prevent one from happening again.

Our Insect Treatments Are For More Than Just Termites

Termites are not the only wood-destroying insect that may be lurking within or outside of your home — there are many others that can cause both damage and a financial loss to your property. At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, our comprehensive insect control services can also eliminate the following wood-destroying insects from your property:

Carpenter Ants

While they do not eat wood, carpenter ants hollow out wooden structures to create “galleries” so that they can control the moisture and humidity in this area to better suit their needs. These ants can cause considerable damage to your home and should be dealt with immediately.

Carpenter Bees

Like carpenter ants, these bees do not consume wood. They do like to bore perfect holes in decks, soffits, door frames, window frames, and even siding. The destruction gradually increases over time since the same galleries are used each year with new, expanded tunnels.

Woodboring Beetles

There are several species of woodboring beetles that can infest wooden frames, trees, supports of homes, and other wooden structures. Powderpost Beetle infestations and Old-house Borer Beetle infestations are two of the most common woodboring beetles.

There are a variety of insects that can cause damage to your property by destroying wooden structures, especially when they go unnoticed. That’s why it’s important to contact our professional pest control company as soon as you notice signs of termite damage or suspect you have a wood-destroying insect problem.

It Starts With Proper Identification

Determining if you’re dealing with termites or other wood-destroying insects in your home can be trickier than you may think. These pests typically work behind the scenes in hidden areas you likely won’t see that often. Additionally, the signs that they leave behind are usually hidden in locations that you wouldn’t think to look in or that don’t have access to.

At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, we can provide free termite inspections as well as inspections for other wood-destroying insects that may be damaging your property. Our Wisconsin State-certified technicians are experts at knowing what to look for, and where to look when it comes to termite damage. Our thorough inspection will determine whether you have a current termite problem or a different wood-destroying insect infestation. You can count on prompt identification, and if needed, safe and effective treatments.

Eliminate Wood-Destroying Pests

Termites, carpenter ants and bees, and woodboring beetles all pose a threat to the integrity and strength of your home in their own way. Luckily, our insect control solutions are designed to eliminate termites and wood-destroying pests, giving you peace of mind by keeping your home pest-free throughout the year. If you would like to learn more, contact us!