The 1st Choice Pest Control Difference in Eau Claire, WI

It is the mission of the friendly and professional exterminator experts at 1st Choice Pest Solutions to provide prompt and effective pest control to the residents and commercial business owners of Eau Claire and the surrounding areas. We’re proud to offer complete pest solutions that don’t just address the immediate pest problem, but also assess how the problem occurred in the first place, and take steps to prevent the pest problem from occurring again in the future. 

Attempting to handle your pest problem on your own could potentially put yourself or your family at risk. This is especially true with nuisance wildlife, which can behave unpredictably when they feel threatened. 1st Choice Pest Control has combined decades of experience that we bring with us on every job, and we’ve studied the local pest population extensively, utilizing the best techniques to safely eliminate any threats to your home or business’s wellbeing.

Our overarching strategy is quite simple, yet effective. At the beginning of each extermination, one of our friendly technicians will inspect your property with the keen eye of a professional, looking for pest access points, harborage spots, and property damage. All of this information lets us determine the best approach for handling your pest problem.

Once the situation has been properly assessed, our pest control tech will deploy the appropriate method for eliminating the problem. 1st Choice Pest Solutions only uses the most-effective methods and products, taking the utmost care not to disrupt your family or pets or adversely affect them in any way. Your safety is our number one priority.

Upon completing treatment, our service doesn’t stop. Our exterminator will point out pest entrance and harborage spots on your property, and help to set up the preventative measures that are necessary to keep a re-infestation from occurring. We’re happy to answer any questions that you may have about keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, and how to effectively prevent the problem from happening again.Contact ustoday to get started with your free estimate!