Maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment is paramount for you to feel at ease as a homeowner. However, when pests attack your home, you feel stressed about the infestation and its potential impact on your family’s health and well-being. Avoid feeling helpless by the situation and instead quickly hire pest control services in Somerset to get rid of them!

At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, we’re a pest control company in Somerset, WI, dedicated to providing tailored, practical solutions. We’re family-owned and operated with all the certifications needed to handle any kind of pest invasion. With our professional assistance in residential pest removal, we can help you eliminate any nuisance.



Reliable & Affordable Pest Control in Somerset, WI

As a homeowner, dealing with pest infestations can be a frustrating and challenging experience. Finding a reliable and effective solution that addresses the problem while keeping your home and family safe is essential. At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, these are the top reasons why you should work with us:

  • Family-owned

Trust a company that comprehends the importance of protecting your home and family from pests.

  • Operating since 2016

With years of experience, 1st Choice Pest Solutions can handle various pest issues effectively.

  • Environmentally friendly methods

Feel confident knowing that eco-friendly techniques are used to minimize environmental impact.

  • Top-rated

Count on a highly recommended and well-regarded company to provide exceptional service.

  • Accredited business

We’re SQF (Safe Quality Food Institute) certified! Trust a reputable company that meets high professionalism and customer satisfaction standards. 

Get Rid Of Pests For Good In 3 Steps

Are you tired of pesky wood-destroying insects invading your precious space? 1st Choice Pest Solutions has got your back! Here are a few simple steps to achieving a pest-free home:

Step 1

Fill out the contact form on our website to request an estimate.

Step 2

Have our team assess your property so we can determine how we’ll proceed with a pest control strategy tailored to your needs. 

Step 3

Let our team get the job done for you. With years of experience in the pest control industry, we can confidently give a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Eradicate Pests with Professional Residential Pest Control Services

Ignoring a pest infestation in your home can damage your property, health risks for your family, and an uncomfortable living environment. As a homeowner, it’s essential to address this issue promptly to avoid these consequences effectively. Instead, contact a reliable pest control company in Somerset.

At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, we’re experienced professionals providing pest control services in Somerset, WI. We’ll efficiently and safely eliminate infestations, protecting your property and ensuring a healthy environment.