Pests may do a great deal more damage to your property than they do to its appearance. Pest control is critical to ensuring the safety of your things, whether at your home or workplace. However, you can keep pests away with one simple service while making your home more comfortable and insulating.

1st Choice Pest Solutions, based in Mondovi, Wisconsin, is an SQF-certified pest control business that offers affordable residential and commercial pest control in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We’re a family business, so we’ll take care of your property as if it were ours. Call now to protect your property with TAP insulation.

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Understanding TAP

Recycled newspaper is ground so finely that small air pockets begin to develop, creating TAP insulation. TAP stands for Thermal, Acoustical, Pest Control. It has noise-reduction insulating properties and helps keep your property’s temperature regulated with its high thermal resistance properties, all while keeping pests at bay with its borate additive.

Advantages of TAP Pest Control Insulation

One of the best advantages of getting TAP insulation for your home is that it can be installed on top of existing fiberglass insulation, making the process swift. 

Its thermal properties will keep your home cooler during the summer heat and warmer during the winter months. When TAP is installed in your attic, it can save you up to 30% on your annual electricity bill. Additionally, TAP insulation is an Energy Star partner and is classified by Underwriter Laboratories as a product that demonstrates safety, enhanced sustainability, and delivers quality performance, among other things.

Get the Best Pest Control Treatment for Your Home

People nowadays are always on the lookout for goods and services that will aid them in increasing the value of their home and items and services that will assist them in keeping their family healthy and happy at home.

At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, we’ll take care of your home. With our years of experience and a highly-trained team, we’ll treat your property as if it were ours. Don’t keep searching for “pest control near me,” and contact us to get your free estimate today!