If you have seen volcano-like tunnels in your garden, you probably have moles in it. Moles are underground wildlife pests that can destroy your garden and lawn. Moles dig tunnels to feed themselves from insects who live in your soil, attracting them to your yard. They help aerate the soil and eliminate harmful insects, but at the cost of destroying your property. Therefore, it is best to relocate the moles where they can be safe, and so your property.

1st Choice Pest Solutions team comprises responsive wildlife removal professionals who offer wildlife control solutions to deal with moles without harming them. Our company in Wisconsin is on top of all local regulations and health codes, ensuring 100% effective but safe treatment. Contact us now to protect your garden and pets without harming any animal.


Rid Of Moles Without Harming Them

Dealing with pests can be a dangerous and challenging task because wildlife can become very aggressive when they feel they are being threatened. Moles might look cute, but they can also transmit rabies and other parasites like fleas and ticks. It is recommended to keep yourself distant from them and limit your pet’s outside time, as they can also get infected. The best course of action is to call professionals to get rid of moles safely for you, your property, and the moles themselves.

1st Choice Pest Solutions responds quickly and effectively to remove your wildlife problem safely and effectively. We use traps that will not kill moles, but catch them for further release. When we trap a mole, we move them to a safe place in a remote, rural area, where they can be released without being a problem to people or their property. 

Contact The Most Compassionate Wildlife Control In Wisconsin

We believe in humane wildlife control solutions. Our company in Wisconsin will effectively remove any nuisance wildlife from your property. To ensure you have peace of mind, we offer free estimates and a 100% thirty-day guarantee. With our company, your investment is safe. Contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions to get rid of moles.