Has curiosity ever struck you about how one gets licensed to be a pest control exterminator? In the United States, most states have a licensing system to ensure that only qualified individuals handle pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. 

Not knowing the ins and outs of the pest control industry can put you and your family at risk, which is why it’s important to understand the different types of licenses available. That’s why it’s important only to use certified pest control exterminators with the proper licenses. Here we will review some of the most common pest control permissions available. Keep reading to learn more.

Common Pest Control Permissions Available

There are generally three types of pest control licenses available for those in the pest control industry such as: 

Private Applicator License

These license requirements are for those who use restricted pesticides to produce an agricultural commodity on their owned or rented property or their employer’s. Examples of qualifying sites include farms, ranches, nurseries, gardens, aquaculture operations, and livestock production operations.

Public Applicator License

Government employees who apply restricted-use pesticides are considered public applicators. They don’t have to pay licensing fees but must pass the National Core Exam and exams for the specific pest control categories relevant to their job. That makes this license exclusive to those who work with the government. 

Commercial Applicator License

Keep in mind that this license only applies to those who use restricted pesticides for agricultural purposes unrelated to buildings. If you want to buy, apply, or oversee the usage of a general-use or restricted pesticide without having to pay a fee and do not meet the requirements for a private applicator. You will require a commercial pesticide applicator license to have the ability to perform duties.

Contact Certified Pest Control Exterminators

Knowing the different types of licenses available for pest control exterminators is important. Let 1st Choice Pest Solution help you with all your pest control needs. We have licensed exterminators to help you ensure that you only use certified pest control exterminators. We count on the proper permissions to handle pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. 

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