Attracting The Wrong Type Of Guests?

Sometimes, when staying at a hotel or motel, guests come across unwelcome visitors in the form of bed bugs and cockroaches. Most people don’t notice them until they wake up to find a few bug bites on their bodies. Most hotels will send someone in to take care of the problem, but some do not.

This problem can quickly get out of hand, significantly affecting the hotel’s reputation, not to mention the loss of potential guests. That’s why hotel pest control is an essential aspect to keep in check. Contacting 1st Choice Pest Solutions is the best choice.

1st Choice Pest Solutions is a highly qualified, family-owned business with over five years of experience, specializing in pests of all kinds. The following are some common pests that affect hotels; if you see any of these, do not hesitate to let us know; we’ll offer you a FREE inspection and estimate.



Hotel guests might find cockroach pests in their rooms or anywhere on the premises, especially at night. Roaches are not only disgusting, but these pests can also cause damage to property and pose a health risk. They can carry salmonella, E. coli, and other dangerous bacteria that cause food poisoning.


Mice also cause a significant number of problems in a hotel, which guests might find if pest control is not in check. Mice can carry disease-causing bacteria and parasites, which pose a health hazard for customers or hotel food.

Mice are also responsible for property damage—they can get inside of walls, chew up wires, and leave droppings in the wall cavity. They might also crawl into luggage or clothing that hotel guests have left out to wear. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, just like mice, are another type of pest that can cause damage to hotels. They feed on human blood, and they might be found in hotel rooms when no one is looking. These pests leave red, itchy bites on humans and cause sleeplessness. They can also carry diseases when they bite. 

They are tiny and can hide in plain sight, and their infestation can rapidly grow since 200 eggs could be laid by a female mosquito over her lifetime. Professional treatments to help rid of bed bugs usually involve vacuuming all furniture and floors, steam cleaning, or heat-treating, which can be 100% effective in killing adult bed bugs and their eggs.


Birds can also pose a problem in hotels. Pests like pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and seagulls can make it difficult for customers to enjoy their hotel experience, including using the pool or eating at the restaurant. 

Birds are attracted to pools because they look for water sources that are easy to find, but they can carry disease-causing pathogens which spread when guests swim in the pool. They are also known to leave droppings wherever they go—on sidewalks, tables, chairs, patios, decks, and near swimming pools, causing a lousy aesthetic and increasing complaints.

Pest Control Near You

So if your hotel ever is infested and leaves you wondering “who is the best pest control near me?” know that 1st Choice Pest Solutions is the answer. We are 100% effective at our job and have a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether they’re wildlife pests, wood-destroying pests, rodents, or insects—we can handle it.