When you think of pest traps, you’ve probably seen the glue boards or sticky traps used for mice and rats. These are just one type of trap. However, many more types of insect traps are available on the market. Different pests require different traps, so it’s important to know what you’re dealing with before purchasing a trap.

Dealing with pests is an inconvenience, but luckily, traps are available to help. These traps can be very effective in getting rid of pests like mice, rats, roaches, and even bedbugs. Please keep reading to learn about the different types of pest traps and how they work.


The 4 Most Common Types Of Pest Traps

Visual Pest Trap

One of the most common pest traps is the visual pest trap, also known as the light trap. This type of trap uses a bright light to attract pests. Once the pests are drawn to the light, they become trapped in the unit. This trap is effective for pests like moths, mosquitoes, and flies. 

Sticky Trap

Sticky traps, as noted earlier, are one of the most frequently utilized pest traps because they use a sticky adhesive to capture pests. The insects or rodents become glued to the trap’s surface and can’t escape. These types of insect traps effectively capture any crawling pests.

Bait Trap

Bait traps are another popular option when it comes to pest control. This type of trap uses bait to lure pests into the unit. Bait traps lure the pests in with bait and trap them. This method is effective for various common household pests.

Pheromone Trap

Pheromone traps release synthetic pheromones, chemicals that imitate those naturally released by an organism to attract mates. These traps have proven effective against various pests, like moths, beetles, and mosquitoes.

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