In case you didn’t know, many pests can be found in a house’s attic and most of the time, those pests are a hazard to the health of the living living in that house, and even for the integrity of the house itself. However, 1st Choice Pest Solutions offers pest control attic insulation in Wisconsin to get rid of those pests and to avoid any other infestation in the future.


Common Pests Found In An Attic

There are certain animals or pests that are very common and more prone to live within your attic, such as mice, rats, bats, and more. Learn about the most common pests you can find and who to contact in Wisconsin.


First, rats. Rats are among the most common animals you will find in spaces like attics because they live in warm spaces. That’s why during winter or cold months, you’re more likely to find them. The best way to identify any rats is to observe their droppings. You could use rat poison, but it can be dangerous, so it is best to hire a professional pest company.


Mice have a lot of similarities to rats. For instance, they are much smaller and you can identify them faster. They can climb small spaces and walls. The best way to get rid of a mice pest is to seal any hole permanently. You could also use mice poison or traps. As always, it is recommendable to hire a professional company.


Among the other most common pests you have bats. If you’re hearing any sound like gnawing or scratching in your attic, the possibility of having bats is true. You could use any chemical to repel bats, remove them yourself or call a professional to do it for you – that is much safer than doing it yourself.

Get Your Pest Control Insulation Done by 1St Choice Pests Solution

If you’d like to get rid of any pest that may be harming your attic, you must hire a professional company that will offer you the possibility of doing so. Hiring 1st Choice Pests Solutions means hiring a company that specializes in pest control attic insulation. Say goodbye to any pest living under your roof.