• We Perform An On Site Evaluation

The first stage in 1st Choice Pest Solutions’ pest control services is a complete on-site assessment. This allows us to identify and close any pest access spots. We’ll also keep a watch out for any potential pest-attracting food or water supplies. This strategy can help prevent pest infestations in the future.

  • We Use The Safest & Most Effective Pest Control Methods

Our technicians have years of experience and employ a variety of approaches to completely eliminate pests. There are safe methods and tactics for controlling pests. We have all the equipment to safely perform pest management on your property. We offer the safest, and best pest control services in Wausau, WI. 

  • We Make Your Home Pest-Free Again!

Your home will be safe for you once more! You may rest easy knowing that your home is clear of all pests. You won’t have to worry about insects crawling on the floor or damaging your furniture any longer.

Wood-Destroying Pest Control Services in Wausau, WI 

Termites are destructive, and can cause significant damage to your home structure. If you have a termite infestation in your house, then it’s time to call pest control! Our pest control professionals at 1st Choice Pest Solutions know how to handle infestations safely and efficiently. 

If you’re looking for the best pest control company in Wausau, WI, contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions! We’re ready to help you solve your termite problem.