Even when moles are solitary species, during the breeding season, they become more social. So, if you’re worried about a mole infestation after seeing one around, you have to deal with it sooner than later. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about moles’ breeding season, and be prepared.

Different Types Of Moles Found In The U.S

  • Shrew Mole:  The shrew mole is found on the West Coast of the United States. It’s the smallest of all moles, and its front paws aren’t wide like other species.


  • Star-Nosed Mole:  The star-nosed mole is found on the East Coast. It’s unique because of its pink nose, which is covered in 22 sensory tentacles that look like a star.


  • Eastern Mole: The eastern mole is found in the east of the United States, as its name suggests. It’s the most common type of mole and has large front paws to dig dipper tunnels.

FAQs About Mole’s Breeding Season


  • At What Time Of The Year Does The Mole Reproduction Process Start?


Moles only reproduce from March to May. Typically, the male (boar) just visits the female (sow) in her burrow to mate. After mating, the male goes straight away and takes no part in raising the baby moles.

The female digs a chamber and lines it with dry grass and leaves. An extra-large molehill usually covers the nest chamber. You can typically find food stores nearby.


  • How Many Moles Per Litter Are Born?


A litter of two to seven young is born after a 30-day gestation period. The baby moles are blind and unclothed at birth since they don’t grow fur until 2 weeks old. Their eyes will open around 3 weeks old.

Their growth is fast, and during that period, they receive nourishment from their mother’s milk. Baby moles emerge from the nest at around 35 days old. They go overland in search of their own territory.


  • What Kind Of Damage Can Moles Cause To Properties?


Moles are notorious for their damage to properties. Their extensive burrowing can cause extensive damage to yards, gardens, and lawns. Not to mention, the raised molehills can be unsightly.

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