Pests may do a lot more harm to your property than simply being an eyesore.

Pest treatment is vital to keep your possessions safe, whether they’re in your house or office. However, by performing a single easy service, you’ll protect your home from pests while simultaneously improving its insulation and comfort. 

1st Choice Pest Solutions is a 40-years experienced, BBB accredited, SQF-certified pest control company in Wisconsin. Whose purpose is to provide affordable residential and commercial pest management services. Because they’re a family-run company, they know how important it is to use the most up-to-date pest control techniques to keep your home safe.


Protect Your Property With TAP Insulation

People today are always looking for products and services that will help them make their house more valuable, as well as products and services that will help them keep their family healthy and comfortable at home.

When it comes to pest management, there are several approaches to controlling and eradicating pests. TAP pest control is a relatively new yet very effective form of pest management.

What Is Thermal Acoustical Pest Control?

Thermal Acoustical Pest Control (TAP) insulation is a home or commercial solution with the advantages of containing noise-reduction and high thermal resistant properties while also being eco-friendly. TAP insulation’s additional benefit is that it may be used over existing insulations to improve their efficiency.

When blown, the ground-up newspapers give it a cotton-like feel while imparting strength to the fabric. Newspaper fibers are treated with a specially produced borate solution, giving it pesticide-like characteristics. 

TAP Advantages

Insects like ants and termites stay away from your attic or basement thanks to TAP insulation, which includes borates, which kill pests swiftly. Only a professional, such as 1st Choice Pest Solutions, should install it as an active pest-control solution. 

TAP Insulation not only serves as a barrier against insects, but it also comes with other added benefits that will only improve your home:

Noise Reduction

It also benefits from functioning as a sound-dampener, which contributes to the overall peace and quiet of your home. Consequently, city and road noise won’t disturb you as much while you’re at home, which is nice.

Mildew, Mold, and Fire-resistant 

Aside from being mold and fire-resistant, TAP insulation also has mildew resistance and surpasses standard fiberglass insulation by 32%. In general, most forms of insulation are rather flammable. Instead of being combustible, TAP Pest control insulation resists the spread of fire and smoke. As a consequence, a fire may be put out.

Save Money on Your Electric Bills

As an added benefit, using TAP insulation helps to keep pests at bay all year long while also saving money. The only pest-control option certified by Energy Star is TAP insulation. Your home will be kept warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer because of this.

Get The Best TAP Insulation Services in Minnesota

At 1st Choice Pest Solution, not only do we work with a highly-trained team, but we are also BBB accredited and SQF-certified. If you want to protect your home from potential fires, decrease the outside noise, reduce your electric bills, all while keeping pests at bay, get out TAP insulation service. We provide TAP insulation services in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Next time you’re left wondering, “who provides the best pest control near me?” know that 1st Choice Pest Solutions is there to help you with affordable options. Visit our website or call for more information.