Have you noticed that you’ve never seen pests in a hotel? That’s because hotel pest control management is a process that begins long before you check-in. The hotel industry takes great pride in providing its guests with clean, comfortable, and safe accommodations. Pests would be a disaster for any hotel, so preventing them is a top priority.

While some hoteliers outsource their hotel pest control management to a professional company, others have in-house staff that receives regular training on the latest pest control techniques. The most important part of hotel pest management is preventing pests from getting into the hotel in the first place. This blog will cover the process of hotel pest management and how hoteliers keep pests away.

The Procedure For Hotel Pest Control: 5 Steps

Hotels can use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control pests, which is an approach that includes using both chemical and non-chemical methods. Here are five steps hoteliers take to control pests:

  • Set action thresholds

Action thresholds are customer-determined points beyond which the hotel should consider taking immediate pest control action, which is done in coordination with the pest control contractor.

  • Identifying and monitoring pests

To use IPM, you must harvest pests sustainably by first identifying the problem. You can do this by inspecting your property and using monitoring devices.

  • Pest Prevention

Knocking out a pest’s water, food, and shelter needs prevents them from becoming pests in the first place. These proactive methods often stop infestation before it starts.

  • Pest control methods

IPM is a way to get rid of pests without using chemicals. It relies on many practices, like cleaning and fixing things so pests can’t come in and using traps or other physical methods to catch them.

  • Evaluation

Pest management requires consistent assessment to determine which methods are and aren’t effective. Keep a log of the following techniques for future use.

Get Rid Of Those Inconvenient Guests With Hotel Pest Control Management

If your hotel is struggling with pests, don’t wait to take action and seek a procedure for hotel pest control. Pests can cause expensive damage and put your hotel’s reputation at risk. At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves on always getting the job done right the first time. Our hotel pest control management services are designed to keep your hotel free of pests all year. Contact us today & learn more about our hotel pest control services!