Fleas and clothes moths can be a nuisance for any business, especially hotels. These pests can cause extensive damage to fabrics and clothing, leading to higher cleaning costs and lost business.

Hoteliers need to be aware of the most common causes of hotel fleas and clothes moths infestation to take the necessary steps to prevent them from becoming a problem. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the most common causes of these pests and provide tips on preventing them.

What Can Fleas & Cloth Moth Mean To A Hotel?

Fleas’ bites can irritate the skin and lead to infection due to itching. They host bacteria, viruses & parasites that they pass on, posing a significant threat to everyone’s health in your hotel.

In these cases, not only your hotel’s reputation is at stake, but also the facilities conservation & the responsibility to the health of your staff & guests.

Fleas & Cloth Moth Can Spread Through Your Hotel In a Heart Beat

Fleas & cloth moths can spread quickly and easily through your laundry services to every guest room in your establishment. Fleas can also spread using other pests to hitch a ride. Rats, mice, and birds can spread them around the city and arrive at any moment on your premises.

Managing Fleas & Cloth Moth Infestation On My Hotel

It’s difficult to prevent fleas from entering a hotel. Still, they can be handled by suitable fleas and clothes moths removal & management policy, including:

Flea & Cloth Moth Identification & Report

The first step is to identify early signs of fleas & cloth moths. Inspect for egg clusters and cacoons (in cloth moth cases) in bedding and wardrobes. If there’s a sign of fleas or cloth moths in the hotel, it must get reported immediately.

Infested Furniture Removal

Removing infested furniture from the hotel must be done carefully. All adjacent areas of the hotel room should be thoroughly vacuumed and treated to prevent fleas and clothes moths from spreading.

Mandatory Hot Laundry Cycle & Consistent Vacuuming Regime

Any bed linen, towels, and clothing coming from the hotel must go through a hot laundry cycle. This procedure gets rid of any eggs, larvae, nymphs, or mature pests present in them. Vacuuming can remove them from carpers, furniture & mattresses.

Hire 1st Choice Pest Solutions For Flea & Cloth Moth Extermination

Fleas and clothes moths can be a severe problem for hotels. If you’re dealing with these pests, it’s essential to contact a fleas and clothes moths exterminator to treat the infested areas and avoid them taking over your hotel.

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