Cockroaches are a common pest found in many places, including hotels. Their presence can severely threaten your hotel’s reputation and even represent a potential financial loss. Cockroaches can be a nuisance and contaminate food with bacterias such as Salmonella & E. Coli.

If you’re dealing with a hotel cockroach infestation, it’s essential to identify the source and take steps to eliminate them. This article will discuss some of the most common causes of cockroach infestations in hotels and how to address them.

Are Cockroaches Common in Hotels?

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in hotels. Cockroaches are attracted to hotels because they offer food and shelter. Once they enter your establishment, they can quickly reproduce to cause an infestation that can be significantly detrimental to the health of your employees and guests.

Where Do Cockroaches Come From?

Cockroaches will sweep their way to anywhere warm and that can provide food for them. They can arrive on your premises through the sewer pipeline, through any crack, gap, or hole they can find.

Another common source is through deliveries. Cockroaches infested businesses unknowingly spread these pests around. Cockroach’s egg capsules are the size of a small bean but can contain up to forty eggs. Cockroaches’ nymphs are smaller than an ant when hatched.

Business providers can bring cockroaches into your premises unseen. They can go unnoticed for several weeks or months before their numbers begin to multiply. It’s crucial to inspect & request a sanitary license from the vendors, verifying they’re up to date.

Where Do Cockroaches Hide in Hotels?

You can find cockroaches in cracks and crevices near food sources. Cockroaches are attracted to dark, humid, and warm areas, like drains, sewage systems, and other moist areas.

How Can You Prevent Cockroach Infestations in Hotels?

One of the best ways to prevent cockroach infestations in hotels is to keep your guest rooms and common areas clean and regularly inspected by your maintenance staff. In addition, it’s essential to schedule regular cockroach exterminator appointments, ensuring you’re not allowing them to thrive.

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