As you’re resting after a long day at work, you hear high-pitched squeaks coming from your ceiling, interrupting your peace. This usually means that there are a few bats on the roof.

Your best option is to contact a pest control company for assistance. 1st Choice Pest Solutions can assist you with a variety of pest problems, including bats. After gently removing any bats from your property, we’ll safely release them back into the wild.


How Bats Affect Your Property

Having a bat nest on your property may have several negative effects. Since bat guano is corrosive, it may gather and seep through walls, damaged ceilings, and ruin insulation. This leads to rapid structural degradation and the need for costly repairs. The presence of a big bat colony on your property may also result in an unpleasant stench if not addressed.

Even though other pests may seem more dangerous, you must address bat infestations as soon as possible. Because of their rapid growth, they pose a more significant threat. The state and federal laws protect bats; therefore, exterminating bats is not advised. Your only option is to call 1st Choice Pest Solutions for bat removal services.

Better To Call A Professional

Bat removal by an inexperienced individual may be dangerous to their health and wealth, not to mention severe legal consequences for exterminating these poorly understood animals.

If a bat bites you, you might get infected with rabies. The virus, present in just around 3% of bats, may cause serious long-term health issues.

Bats are protected under the Endangered Species Act, much as bald eagles and grizzly bears. Because they carry seeds from one site to another, bats are important pollinators that help spread plants. They eat other insects and are the only ones that can pollinate the agave plant.

Say Goodbye to Bats With 1st Choice Pest Solutions

You won’t have to waste time trying to figure out “who has the best pest control near me?” anymore. As a full-service pest management company, 1st Choice Pest Solutions deals with various issues, including rodents to insects to wood-destroying critters like termites to wildlife like raccoons to bats. 

Whether you live in Eau Claire or in Wausau, WI, or their surrounding areas. We’ll provide you with a no-cost pest inspection and quote, as well as a guarantee of complete satisfaction.