Taking care of your lawn can be one of your top priorities, but sometimes you can run into problems that are out of your control. One common issue you may face is grub infestation. If you suspect that your lawn might be suffering from grubs, there are a few signs to look out for; keep reading to find out!

What Exactly Are Grubs?

Grubs are the larvae of different beetles, most commonly Japanese Beetles, Asiatic Garden Beetles, and European Chafers. They hatch from eggs in late spring/early summer and spend most of their time feeding on grass roots until they mature into adults and mate.

A grub infestation can cause severe damage to your lawn because the grubs feast on grassroots, which are essential for a healthy lawn.

4 Decisive Ways To Identify A Grub Infestation


  • Your Lawn Has Brown Patches


One of the most common signs of a grub infestation is brown patches on your lawn. This is because the grubs feed on grassroots, which weakens the grass and causes it to die. If you see brown patches on your lawn, especially if they’re small and round, you likely have a grub problem.


  • If Your Lawn Feels Bouncy Or Loose Underfoot


This is because the grubs have eaten away at the roots of the grass, causing it to loosen. If you suspect that your lawn might have a grub problem, try stepping on it in different areas to see if it feels bouncy.


  • Your Lawn Is Presenting Sever Damage Despite Good Care


If you’re taking care of your lawn, but it’s still sustaining damage, grubs may be the culprit. Grubs can cause a lot of damage to lawns, even if they’re well-cared-for. If you suspect that your lawn might have a grub problem, check for other signs as well.


  • You Have Seen The Grubs In Your Yard


Seeing grubs in your yard is a definite sign that you have a grub problem. There’ll surely be hundreds under your lawn if there’s one on sight. If you see grubs, be sure to take action to get rid of them as soon as possible.

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