When Is The Best Time To Treat Your Lawn For Grubs?

It’s that time of year again when homeowners and business owners must start thinking about lawn care. One of the most important things to determine is when to schedule your lawn treatment for grubs.

This blog post will discuss the best time to treat your lawn for grubs and how to enhance its effectiveness. So if you’re looking for information on how to keep your property looking its best, read on!

The Best Time To Treat Your Lawn For Grubs

The best time to apply grub control depends on preventing them or killing the ones already damaging your lawn. The methods, chemical concentrations, and results may vary depending on the grub’s life cycle stage.

Preventive Treatment – Late Spring & Early Summer

The best time to prevent grubs is in late spring to early summer before they hatch. This treatment will kill the eggs & larvae before it causes damage to your property. If you’re unsure when the grubs will hatch in your area, applying the preventive treatment during June or July is a good rule of thumb.

To ensure appropriate timing, consult with a professional grub pest control company. They’ll be able to control about 80 % of the grub infestation in the next season.

Grub Killer Treatment – Spring to Fall

Grub infestation requires immediate response to slow down the damage to your lawn. Infestation can occur from spring to fall when the larvae are most active. Chemical compounds like carbaryl & trichlorfon are the best treatment for grubs in lawns. 

Enhance Your Grub killer Treatment

You want the best effects after applying the pesticide on your lawn. Here are 2 tips on what to do after the application:

Water your lawn after putting down grub control

Grub killer treatments need to be watered down, especially those in granular form. To be effective, water your grass to at least 1-inch depth.

Monitor your lawn for grub activity

After applying a grub killer, you expect eradication within a few days to a week. If the damage continues, contact a professional pest solution company.

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