As homeowners and business owners, we get that you constantly strive to keep your property in the best condition possible. You want a healthy, green lawn that you can be proud of. But sometimes, no matter how much care and attention someone gives their lawns, they become patchy and thin. The origin of those issues could be a grub infestation. 

Here, we’ll provide everything you need to know about grubs, including what they are, where they live, and whether or not they ought to be removed. Keep reading!

FAQs About Grubs


  • What Are Grubs?


Grubs are the larvae of different species of beetles. The three most common beetle grubs in North America are Japanese Beetles, European Chafers, and Masked Chafers. Grubs have C-shaped bodies with dark brown heads and light-colored abdomens.


  • Where Do They Live?


Grubs primarily live underground in soil, where they feed on the roots of grasses and other plants. During the winter, grubs burrow deep into the soil to stay warm. Grubs move closer to the surface in late spring and early summer as they prepare to pupate into beetles.


  • Should You Get Rid Of Them?


Even when grubs can damage your lawn, they don’t always require abrasive treatment. If you have a small number of grubs, your lawn will likely recover on its own. But if the population is high enough, they can cause significant harm to your grass.

If you decide to treat your grub problem, there are a few different ways to do it. You can use chemical insecticides, biological controls, and others.


  • How Much Damage Can They Cause?


Grubs primarily damage lawns by eating the roots of grasses. A large number of grubs can cause the grass to yellow and wilt. In extreme cases, they can even kill the grass completely. Grubs also make lawns more susceptible to disease and other pests.

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