Gophers are one of those creatures that people love to hate. They are considered a pest, and many people want to know when they are most visible. When are they more likely to come out of their holes? What time of day do they typically come out? How often do they come out? Are they more active at night or during the day? In this blog post, we will answer all of these questions and more!

Gopher Habitat & Behavior

Gophers are extremely shy and reclusive creatures. They spend almost 95 % of their time underground in complicated burrow systems that extend up to 800 feet; we rarely see them.

Gophers choose soils that are loose and easy to dig. They also prefer well-drained areas that contain a lot of organic matter, such as grassy fields or gardens.

When Are Gophers Most Active?

Gophers are subterranean creatures that build extensive tunnel systems and rarely come to the surface. They eat, forage, sleep, and give birth underground. Gophers, however, are most active in the spring when they may produce up to three mounds every day. They also appear to be more active at dusk and night.

Gophers are active all year long, burrowing at any time of day, and don’t hibernate. 

When Are Gophers More Likely To Come Out Of Their Holes?

Gophers rarely come out of their holes. They prefer to feed over roots and tubers and only forage for above-ground vegetation when the plants are close to their burrows. So, they are more likely to come out of their holes in early spring or late fall.

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