There is no doubt that gophers can cause a lot of damage to your property. Not only do they dig large holes in the ground, but they can also contaminate your soil with their droppings. When dealing with a gopher problem, it is important to take action quickly.

One of the best alternatives to trap a gopher without using rodenticides is using mechanical traps. This blog post will discuss how to use these traps effectively and efficiently!

Gopher Control Methods

There’s a variety of methods for gopher control. Trapping is a practical and pesticide-free approach to gopher management. Trapping is highly efficient, meaning non-target animals rarely are caught with traps set for gophers.

How To Trap A Gopher In 3 Simple Steps

Select The Appropriate Trap For Your Needs

There are 2 main categories of gopher traps (lethal and non-lethal), and both work in the same way. You install them according to instructions and wait for the animal to get caught.

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a trap is its trigger mechanism. The trigger mechanism is what makes the trap effective when installed.

Locate The Gopher Tunnel

Gophers are creatures of habit and will use the same tunnel systems repeatedly. Look for the fresh mounds, characterized by moisture soil (often darker colored soil). It’s important to place the trap directly in the gopher path to increase your chances of success.

Place the trap perpendicular to the runway with the trigger mechanism facing the tunnel or its entrance.

Check Your Traps Regularly

You should check your traps at least once a day, especially during the first few days. Regardless of the trap type installed on your property, you must dispose of the gophers caught responsibly. Gophers are potential carriers of leptospirosis and plague. These diseases are transmissible by dead or alive gophers.

Most Effective Gopher Traps Available

Two-pronged Pincher Trap

The trap is set up with two spring-loaded blades on either side. The trigger is positioned in the center, where it’s kept in place by a mound of dirt. When the gopher tries to move the dirt forward, this movement activates the trap, closing the powerful scissor blades and killing the gopher.

Box Trap

They feature an enclosed box with a metal wire loop pulled upward by a spring-loaded system. As soon as the gopher triggers the trap, the metal wire catches the gopher and quickly kills it.

Black Hole Trap

This cylindrical trap hosts a hollow center that users set in direct alignment with the gopher tunnel, persuading the gopher to go through. The gopher enters the tunnel, and the metal wiring delivers an instant demise.

Live Trap

The live trap lures the gopher into it, placing some dirt over the trigger. A gopher tries to dig through the earth, but it’s quickly trapped inside. This trap is particularly appropriate for individuals who don’t want to kill gophers in their yards while getting rid of them.

Note: Trapping is best suited for small acreages 5 acres or less

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