Summer might be the favorite season for most people; however, there are some things you should be aware of. In the US, the summer months are the highest when it comes to tick-borne diseases. Because finding ticks in woodlands and grasslands is common, tick bites peak during this season due to the tall grass caused by spring’s heavy rains. This pest can be dangerous to our pets and our family.

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The Danger Of Ticks For Pets

Ticks might be something familiar in every pet’s life, but this is not ‘paw-sitive’ for them. Cats and dogs can suffer the painful nuisance of ticks. Ticks can consume large amounts of blood from our pets, causing anemia. Other diseases ticks can cause to our pets include:

  • Paralysis: some ticks release toxins into dogs, causing paralysis to their joints.
  • Lyme disease: it can cause arthritis and swollen joints, causing pain to our dogs and cats.

Diseases like rocky mountain fever can cause fever, depression, and lameness to our furry friends. Visit a veterinarian to answer questions and start a quick treatment if symptoms develop.

Tick Bites Can Be Dangerous To Humans

Even though most Tick Bites are harmless to humans, some can carry diseases. However, you can never be too confident. The CDC has reported an increase in diseases related to tick bites over the last ten years. Most tick-borne diseases found in pets can be found in humans. Here are some tick-borne conditions:

  • Anaplasmosis
  • Babesia
  • Lyme Diseases
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Most symptoms will develop within the days or weeks after ticks have bitten you. Most signs include fever, night sweats, body aches, and fatigue. Visit a doctor if a tick has bitten you; it is essential to discuss risk factors and have follow-up appointments. 

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