Did you know that agricultural pest management is critical to ensuring the flourishment of any agricultural operation? Pests can cause serious damage to crops, leading to reduced yields and even loss of the entire crop.

Farmers must employ agricultural pest control methods to protect their crops from pests. Many different methods are available, so selecting the right one for your specific situation is important. This blog will provide an overview of agricultural pest management, including the different methods available and how to determine what is right for your particular case.

What Does Agriculture Pest Control Entail?

In the United States, farmers use different methods to control weeds, insects, fungi, viruses, and bacteria from damaging their crops. These agricultural pest management practices aim to prevent or reduce the damage caused by these pests.

The most common agricultural pest control methods used in the US include:


Herbicides are common pesticides that destroy weeds or inhibit their growth. Farmers can spray them before planting to eliminate weeds and prevent new ones from growing. Herbicides can also be applied after the weed has already germinated.


Insecticides work by targeting and killing insects in a specified area. Mix some insecticide into the soil to target grubs, worms, and other pests below ground level. Others are meant to be sprayed directly onto plant leaves for moths, aphids, and other above or surface-level pests. If a foliar application is not timed properly, it won’t work as intended.


Fungicides are applied to crops and stored produce to prevent pathogenic organisms from destroying them. Although these pesticides typically increase crop yields, they also help preserve fruits and vegetables.

Take Care Of Your Crops With Agricultural Pest Control 

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