Gophers might seem cute to many people, but most gardens do not see them that way. Gophers are a wildlife pest that feeds on plants, shrubs, and trees. They live underground; that is why they dig tunnels, but they usually come to the surface to eat.

Also, gophers might become a threat to humans, even though they seem unoffensive. The presence of gophers can cause your garden to be destroyed, rootless trees to fall down, or other diseases.

Although there are many ways to get rid of gophers on your own, wild animals become aggressive when they feel cornered, making you prone to suffer from an attack, which is why it is recommended to hire professionals to do the job. They use proper equipment and non-toxic, humane methods to remove gophers.

Luckily, 1st Choice Pest Solutions is a professional and certified pest control company in Wisconsin that will remove gophers without harming them.


Gophers Can Create A Series of Unwanted Events

Mother Nature has its reasons why animals behave the way they do. Still, there must be harmony between animals and humans. Yet, gophers and humans are not precisely friends. Gophers can cause undesirable events such as:

  • Gophers create tunnels that destroy gardens and are potentially dangerous to pedestrians.
  • Like all rodents, gophers carry lice, fleas, ticks, and mites which can be passed to pets, potentially causing them to become ill.
  • They can attract more unwanted wildlife, such as predators. Weasels, skunks, and snakes are just some of their predators.

1st Choice Pest Solutions offers humane wildlife control solutions, such as traps to catch them without killing them to release them afterward. The compassionate approach is the best option to eliminate nuisance life because it is toxic-free, less costly, and environmentally friendly. 

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