Bed bugs are a significant problem for homeowners in Wausau. They won’t let us sleep well! Besides, these pests can cause severe itching and rashes, and they multiply quickly. If you have bed bugs, you’ll need to browse “pest control near me” on the internet and get professional help immediately before they spread throughout your home or apartment building.

Our trained team at 1st Choice Pest Solutions deal with this growing problem head-on. We eliminate these pests from your property for good using non-toxic, eco-friendly methods that won’t harm your family or pets! Call us today for more information about our services, pricing plans, and more!


Eat Food, Don’t Be The Food.

It’s hard to notice bed bugs because they are very small. But soon, they become impossible to ignore. They appear in the most inconvenient places: your desk, under your bedsheets, even in the kitchen cupboard where you keep your dishes! 

Eventually, the bed bugs become so bad that they crawl on your skin at night when you’re sleeping. You stay up all night to avoid them, but sometimes they still get to you. Besides, they leave terrible red bumps all over your body and itch so badly that you can’t sleep at night anymore. It’s for professionals; it’s time for 1st Choice Pest Solutions

Certified Bed Bug Control Solutions

Here’s how each bed bugs exterminator gets the job done: 

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatment involves heating your room and keeping it there for four or six hours so that the bed bugs die from the inside out! 
  • Mattress encasements – Our exterminators prevent new infestations as pesky parasites can’t crawl onto their surface anymore once wrapped in fabric protection.
  • Conventional Pesticide Treatment – We apply an EPA-registered product on baseboards along the walls’ cracks, crevices, and voids.

Ready To Be Counting Sheep, Not Bed Bugs? Contact Us!

When you’ve spotted a bed bug, don’t suffer in silence. Contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions to take care of the problem quickly and discreetly before it takes over your whole life. Work with Wausau’s most trusted and top-rated pest control company, backed by a solid 30-day 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today!