Nothing compares to the stress of having bugs in your home, attic, garage, or yard. Make the right choice for your emotional health! Call 1st Choice Pest Solutions for definitive treatments you can count on.

Our Pest Control Experts Will Help You Defeat The Invasion of Insects

If you have any of the following insects on your property, please give us a call. In addition, though spiders aren’t insects, we can help you to get rid of those, too.

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Beetles
  • Millipedes and centipedes
  • Bees, wasps, and hornets
  • Bed bugs
  • Fleas
  • Many other insects

FREE Pest Identification

As a local, family-owned and operated business, we know the West Central Wisconsin area well. We are also familiar with the pests that live here and how best to treat them.

If you’re concerned about bugs in and around your home or business, give us a call. We offer FREE pest identification and estimates, without any obligation. Contact us for your FREE estimate and pest identification service.