Insects are the last thing you want lurking around inside your home. While many of the insects that invade your home are not harmful, seeing them crawl around certainly isn’t comforting. Whether you have an insect problem in your attic, garage, or yard, our insect exterminators offer the definitive treatments that you can rely on. 

Our Definitive Insect Control Deter All Types of Bugs

The specialists at 1st Choice Pest Solutions are experts in insect control as well as insect prevention and management. With a solid understanding of the life cycles and habits of common household insects in Wisconsin, we can implement the proper treatments to eliminate them from your home. Some of the insects our treatment is effective against include:


Ants can be a particular nuisance when they get into your home. Once inside, they’ll help themselves to any available food source. If you spot large numbers of ants trailing to or from food sources in your home, you may have an infestation in or outside of your home.

Cockroachespest control services, pest solutions

Cockroaches will never stop trying to get into your home for food, water, and shelter. Since these insects are nocturnal and adept at hiding, a cockroach infestation can get out of hand before you ever realize they’re in your home.

Wasps and Stinging Insects

Bees, wasps, and other stinging insects can be a threat, especially to those with severe allergies to bee stings. Since these insects are known to be aggressive, it is best to let a professional handle their removal. 

Millipedes and Centipedes

Creepy-crawlies, gross, insect invaders—no matter what you call them—centipedes and millipedes are guests no one invited to your home. While they aren’t harmful, you’d probably prefer to keep these insects with a myriad–of legs from getting inside. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can cause multiple tiny red bites on the face, back, neck, hands, arms, legs, and any other exposed area of skin. These tiny bug bites are very itchy and can cause a lot of discomforts. Getting rid of bed bugs is difficult, but our insect control treatments work.


Fleas can be a nuisance to both you and your pets and are sure to bring bites and plenty of itching into your home. Since these insects are so small, eliminating them can be a challenge. Luckily, our definitive insect control is effective against fleas!

Other Insects

Whatever unwelcome insect is crawling around in your home, our definitive insect control can help get rid of them. At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, we offer free pest identification, which allows our insect exterminators to identify the pests in your home and determine the proper treatment.


Preventing bugs from entering your home can often leave you feeling helpless; no matter what you do, you’ll never quite keep them out. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With these simple tips, you can help keep insects out of your home!

1. Clear Cluttered Areas

Clutter attracts insects, whether inside or outside. Piles of clothes, toys, and other items can provide shelter for insects. Help keep bugs out by tidying up both inside and outside of your home.

2. Inspect For Cracked Foundation

Cracks in the foundation of your home is one of the most common ways bugs and insects gain entry into your home. If your foundation has any cracks or crannies, properly filling them with caulk can help prevent them from getting inside.

3. Prevent Excess Moisture

Most insects are attracted to the areas in your home that offer plenty of moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or basements. You can help keep bugs from getting inside by eliminating any leaking, dripping, or standing water in your home. 

4. Put Away Food Sources

Many insects are attracted to the foods we consume, especially grains and protein. Leaving food out without the proper storage is sure to draw some insects inside. Properly putting away and storing food sources can help a great deal in keeping insects out.

5. Vacuum Regularly 

Regular vacuuming can help pick up crumbs that may attract insects into your home. Additionally, when you vacuum, you’re likely to remove any eggs that insects may have laid while inside of your home.

6. Repair Gaps and Torn Screens

Insects can easily get through large gaps under your door or torn screens on your windows. Patching or replacing torn screening on doors and windows and using weatherstripping to seal gaps will help keep insects out of your home.

7. Opt For House Perimeter Bug Spray

Our insect perimeter spray will deter all seasonal insects from entering your home. By spraying high-potential harborage sites around the exterior of your home, our safe and effective treatment will help keep bugs away from both the outside and inside of your home!

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