The majority of businesses have attics. Attics can become the home of many pests which could become a threat to the health of people working in that location as well as people visiting the business. However, 1st Choice Pest Solutions offers you pest control attic insulation to deal with these pests and get back to business as usual in no time.


Who’s 1st Choice Pest Solutions? 

1st Choice Pest Solutions is a company based in Mondovi, Wisconsin, founded in the 1970s by Lloyd, who after dealing with pest control jobs himself, decided to open a business of his own. We are an extermination company that gets the job done right, keeps families safe and ensures your environments are pest free. 

Our Commercial Pest Control Service

Maintaining a business up to date with all the challenges of 2021, is tough. The last thing you need are termites, rodents or any kind of pest around your building. At 1st Choice Pests Solutions, we understand how that can disturb your daily tasks and even get your business fined—or worse—shut down. When you notice or suspect a vermin issue you need to call an experienced business like us.

What We Do

We understand the significance and desperation of a business when it has pests. From rodents and cockroaches to bats and flies, whatever issue your business is confronting, our pest control attic insulation will help free your business property of any pest. We do the following for your commercial building:

  • Inspect. Our staff will perform an evaluation both outside and inside your building, and will look for entrance points, or damage to identify the possible pests that may be hindering your business and its structure.
  • Implement. After the first step has been completed, we will grasp the kind of pest we are dealing with and how to approach the situation. With the most effective methods, we will solve the pest problem for good.
  • Monitor. After we’ve inspected the building, implemented all techniques, we will take preventative measures to avoid any major pest. You will save money, time and the hassle of dealing with pests alone.

Choose A Company That Handles Your Pests, Choose Us

Regardless of the magnitude of your pest problem, we can handle it. We have the tools, we have the experience, and we have the team. Plus, we offer free estimates so you can ask for no additional cost. 

Let 1st Choice Pests Solutions handle your job and get your business running in time.  With our pest control attic insulation, pest control and removal is a possibility.