Do you know the amount of diseases insects can carry? Insects like mosquitoes and flies can transmit numerous viruses to your kids and family. That’s why you need a residential pest control company in Eau Claire.

At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, we have certified pest control experts that can provide you with a pest-free home. We can provide you with an unmatchable quality service, and our top-rated score is proof of that. If you want to kick all the pests out of your home, you should contact us now.


Why Pest Control Is a Must

A mosquito bite can transmit severe diseases like malaria or dengue. The complications these diseases bring can dramatically impact the health of a young kid or a senior. The last thing you would like is to expose your family to these types of risks.

Other insects like termites can affect the structure of your entire home – mostly if its whole design is made out of wood. Your house’s integrity is always at risk with termite infestations. Structural damages from this type of pest can cost you several thousands of dollars to repair.

Pest control should be done at least once or twice a year to ensure your home is safe from infestations. But pest control can be a tricky process that requires professional hands and expertise. That’s why our services can come in handy to you and your family.

Our Safe Pest Control Process

Long term exposure to the chemicals and gases used to conduct a pest control service can be hazardous to your body. When you decide to hire cheap and unprofessional pest control services, you’re exposing your family to this type of risk.

When you choose our safe pest control services, you won’t only be protected against all common types of household pests. Still, you’ll also have minimum pesticide exposure. This way, your family and your entire home’s environment will be safe and protected.

Get a Pest-Free House

To ensure that your family and home’s integrity is protected, you need to hire our reliable pest control services. At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, we are the top-rated residential pest control company in Eau Claire.

We ensure long-term protection for all common household pests like rodents, termites, spiders, mosquitoes, etc. Give us a call now to provide a safe environment for your home and your family.