1. Best Way To Effectively Trap A Gopher

    There is no doubt that gophers can cause a lot of damage to your property. Not only do they dig large holes in the ground, but they can also contaminate your soil with their droppings. When dealing with a gopher problem, it is important to take action quickly. One of the best alternatives to trap a gopher without using rodenticides is using mechanical traps. This blog post will discuss how to use …Read More

  2. Gophers: When Are They More Visible?

    Gophers are one of those creatures that people love to hate. They are considered a pest, and many people want to know when they are most visible. When are they more likely to come out of their holes? What time of day do they typically come out? How often do they come out? Are they more active at night or during the day? In this blog post, we will answer all of these questions and more! Gopher Habi…Read More

  3. 6 Effective Ways To Successfully Deal With Gophers

    Gophers can be a huge nuisance for any property owner. These little creatures can wreak havoc on your garden or, even worse, damage the infrastructure of your home or business. If you're having trouble getting rid of gophers, don't worry - we have 6 ways to deal with these pests successfully! Gopher Control Strategies Prevention Employing barriers to prevent pocket gophers from accessing sensitive…Read More

  4. 3 Gopher-Transmitted Diseases You Need To Be Aware Of

    Did you know that gophers can transmit diseases to both humans and pets? These diseases are serious and can be life-threatening. That is why it's vital to remove gophers from your property as soon as possible. This blog post will help you identify and understand how these diseases are transmitted to protect your family better. Gopher Transmitted Diseases Gophers are known for their threat to human…Read More

  5. Signs Of A Gopher Infestation: How To Identify And Remove This Pest

    The most prominent sign of a gopher infestation starts with strange mounds all over your yard. These pests can damage your lawn and garden, so it's crucial to remove them as soon as possible. This blog post will help you identify the signs of a gopher infestation and how to get rid of them. How Gopher Infestation Can Look Like Have you noticed mounds of dirt, deteriorated plants, or maybe bald spo…Read More

  6. All You Need To Know About Getting Rid Of Gophers

    You can find many different pests in homes and businesses. Some common examples include bed bugs, ants, mice, and gophers. Even though these pests might not seem as bad to some people, they still have the potential to cause a lot of damage if left unaddressed for too long. Gophers are rodents that live underground, eat plants, and can cause a lot of damage by burrowing through yards and gardens - …Read More