In the winter months, bats fly closer to humans and their homes. As the weather gets colder, bats start looking for warmer places to hibernate, and they often choose a home just like yours. Removing them yourself is a lot more complicated than you’d think; it’s best to call a pest control company that has the tools and know-how.

This article will go over how pest control companies can help remove winter bat infestations from your property for you so that you don’t have to deal with the hassle or risk your health doing it yourself.

Attempting DIY Bat Removal Isn’t Wise

There are several reasons why DIY bat removal is not encouraged. Not only can you make the problem worse by overspending with inefficient methods, but you might end up risking your health. The risk of injury is even greater while climbing a ladder or inspecting your roof during the winter months due to slippery surfaces, icicles, etc. 

Even if you do manage to find the bats and remove them from your home, if your home is not sealed correctly, there’s a good chance they’ll return since they have nowhere else to go. Also, bats are protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), so you might face legal consequences if you accidentally kill one of them.

Leave Bat Removal To The Pros

When it comes to removing bats, 1st Choice pest Solutions should be your first choice. Our experienced team has the knowledge and methods to safely remove any bats from your property and properly seal your house. By working with us, you can rest knowing that you won’t risk an injury or put your health on the line; we’ll take care of the problem.

Keep Bats Away During Winter With 1st Choice Pest Solutions

Our bat removal service prevents pesky bats from entering your home during the wintertime. You can stop searching for “pest control near me” or “pest control near me.” Know that we are here to provide complete pest solutions to Wisconsin residents.