Have You Noticed an Increase in Pest Activity?

If the summer season in the Eau Claire area seems more buggy and full of pest problems to you compared to the rest of the year, then you are absolutely not alone, and you’re not going crazy. In the summer months, pest activity is in full-swing — but why is that? Why do so many pests thrive during the summer? 1st Choice Pest Solutions in Eau Claire has the answers to your pest control dilemmas and can offer relief from the swarms of ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other irritating problems. 

Factors that Contribute to Increase Pest Problems

Around the world, there are four major factors that always contribute to an increase in pest activity that corresponds to the summer months. We’ll go into a little detail on each of these factors.

Warmer Temperatures

While it’s easy for people to enjoy nice summer days, when the weather decides to really crank up the heat, most folks seek shelter indoors. Unfortunately, most pests behave the same way. At a certain point, even resilient animals will seek shelter by either burrowing deep underground, like many ants do, or discovering a comfy, climate-controlled, food source-rich house to invade. During the warmest parts of the summer, you’re more likely to experience little home invaders seeking relief from the soaring temperatures.

Summer Moisture

The presence of water is essential for the survival of practically all creatures. We all need water, and when moisture is present, life can thrive. Unfortunately, this means that after summer rains or humid days, pests can have a field day and become multitudinous. Conversely, when there is a lack of moisture and we experience drought conditions, guess where pests go to seek relief? If you said “indoors” then you are absolutely correct. Rain or shine, many pests have a reason to seek your home for shelter.

Increased Food Sources

In the summer months, you may notice that your lawn or other vegetative areas of your property can practically explode, growing what seems like inches overnight. The lawn that you mow every week is an all-you-can-eat buffet for many pests. This increase in food sources, especially when grasses and plants are close to your home, is a ringing dinner bell to several unwanted creatures. When plant life is in full swing, it will never fail to attract all sorts of creatures until it is either treated or depleted, and they move on.

Abundance of Daylight

Thanks to the changing seasons, summer days are long and the nights are short, meaning that many creatures, including pests, have more active hours to feed and multiply. This increase in active hours means that you will always see more pest activity. Just like the way that people enjoy spending extended hours outside in the summer, pests take advantage of the additional sunlight to feed, breed, and move in on your territory. 

Summer Pest Prevention Tips

An increased pest population in the summer means an increased risk to the health and wellbeing of you and your family due to the diseases that many pests carry with them. 1st Choice Pest Solutions regularly helps our customers assess their properties for weakness that could admit pests into their living spaces, and these assessments include investigating factors like these:

  • We’ll check to make sure that your gutters and other areas on your property are clear of debris where moisture can collect. These are prime breeding grounds for pests like mosquitoes. 
  • We assess where vegetation on your property could be causing a problem, such as being too close to your home’s foundation. Ideally, you’ll have a vegetation barrier of at least 24” between your home and any plant life, which helps prevent pests from gaining access to your living space. 
  • We’ll check your property’s foundation and perimeter for cracks or holes that are easy-access points for pests. 
  • Containers like trash cans or recycling bins should be able to be securely closed since these can be open invitations to pests. If you have a dumpster on your property, we recommend contacting your waste management company to regularly rotate the receptacle. This can reduce the chances of moisture collecting and causing a pest problem. 
  • When outdoors, we recommend that people always utilize the measure of pest-prevention they are comfortable with to keep themselves safe, especially bug sprays and mosquito repellents. 
  • Trust experts like us to make your Wisconsin home a safe place to relax and enjoy safe from pests.

1st Choice Pest Solutions – Your Summer Pest Problem Solvers

If you live in or around the Eau Claire area, contact our pest control professionals! We can provide you with a free estimate, as well as send a pest control technician to your property to assess the level of pest activity on your property. You don’t have to put up with summer pests any longer with 1st Choice Pest Solutions!