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Understanding Wildlife Nuisance: Common Intruders and Their Impact on Properties

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If your home is being invaded by unwanted pests, there is a solution- 1st Choice Pest Solutions! Get your free estimate today so that we can reclaim your home from insect, rodent, avian, or any other pest infestation. You shouldn’t have to share your home with any undesired nuisance.

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Rodent Extermination

A rodent infestation can mean double trouble for your property and the health of your family. Mice, rats, and other rodents can cause physical damage to your home, but are also known to carry and transmit diseases. Be aware of these signs that you may have a rodent infestation:

  • Rodent Droppings - This is an obvious sign of a rodent presence. Rodent droppings look like little brown pellets, and can often be found in cupboards or other hard-to-reach places rodents could sneak though. The quantity and size of the droppings can be an indication of the severity of the infestation.
  • Nesting Materials - Rodents are prolific reproducers, and being such, they often build nests. If you notice small collections of materials like fabric, shredded paper, or grass, it could be signs of rodent activity.
  • Damaged Food & Packaging - Take time to examine any boxes or bags of food in cupboards and pantries. If you notice any chewed-on or damaged items, it could also be an indication of a rodent presence in your home.
  • Unusual Odors - Rodents tend to urinate frequently, and have little regard for where they do so. Rodent urine has a strong ammonia smell that should be noticeable in smaller areas or rooms, like laundry rooms or pantries. If you’re looking for trouble, follow your nose.

1st Choice Pest Solutions is especially equipped to handle any rodent or vermin related problem. We employ a detailed process to finding and eliminating rodents in your home, and fortify your residence against future infestations in the process. Our goal is not only to rid you of your rodent problem, but to reduce the risk of another infestation happening in the future.

Here are some of the rodents 1st Choice Pest Solutions commonly deals with:

  • Rat
  • Field Mouse
  • Deer Mouse
  • Shrew

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Bat & Airborne Pest Removal In Eau Claire

Pests in your home may not always find their way in from the ground. Invaders from the sky can also become a problem, but 1st Choice Pest Solutions is equipped to handle bat removal from your residence or commercial space. Since many species are protected, our services are focused on safely trapping, removing, and relocating bat and bird troublemakers. If you haven’t had any luck deterring unwanted bats from occupying your home or business, contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions, and we’ll be on our way in a hurry to come to your aid.

Signs You May Have A Bat Problem:

  • Noticing bats commonly landing and settling on roofs or ledges
  • Persistent squeak noises, which is typical of a bat presence
  • Odor coming from the attic or roof
  • A concentration of bat droppings around your property
  • Groups of bats leaving the area around your home in the evening

Contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions in Eau Claire as soon as you believe you may be in need of bat removal. Get a free estimate and talk to one of our removal specialists today, and let us help you reclaim your home.

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Insect Extermination In Eau Claire

Having a rodent or a bird problem in your home is a nuisance, but when you have unwanted pests invading the space in which you sleep, then it’s personal. Don’t put up with pests like bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, or fleas. 1st Choice Pest Solutions is prepared to come to the rescue and eliminate insect pests from your home. We offer extermination services for:

Bed Bugs

These tiny pests invade the most personal space in your home- your bedroom. If you believe you’re dealing with bed bugs, contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions immediately. These pests multiply quickly and in large numbers, so a prompt treatment and removal is vital.


The first place you’re likely to notice ants is near any place that you store food, especially the kitchen. Once a food source is discovered by ants, they flock to it in mass numbers. It is likely that you have an infestation in or around your home if you notice large numbers of ants.


These insects are tricky because they are primarily nocturnal, meaning they are active at night. If you turn on a light in a dark room and see scurrying cockroaches, contact us as soon as possible, and we’ll send these vermin packing.

Wasps & Stinging Insects

Seeing the occasional wasp or bee is perfectly normal, as they are most likely just going about their buzzy business. However, if you notice a large concentration of stinging insects, particularly wasps, it may be time to contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions. It is important for people with potentially severe allergies to the sting of these insects to let professional pest exterminators and removal experts handle these insects. Your safety is of the utmost concern when we are working in and around your home.

Other Insects

This list of insect offenders isn’t comprehensive, but our team of pest control experts is well-versed and trained in the life cycles and habits of all insects that cause problems in and around Eau Claire. Other common pests that we treat include:

  • Millipedes
  • Centipedes
  • Fleas
  • Termites & Other Wood Destroying Insects


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Pest Control Outside the Home

1st Choice Pest Solutions is equipped to handle any pest control problem in Eau Claire, inside and outside of the home. If your commercial space or place of business is experiencing a pest problem, contact us immediately and let us be your pest solution! The last thing you want for your customers or clientele is to experience an insect or rodent problem, costing you time, energy, and loss of profits. Our team of experts will be on scene promptly and handle your pests with professional care.

We offer our services to the following types of commercial spaces:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare & Medical Facilities
  • Schools & Universities
  • Retail Operations
  • Offices
  • Properties You Manage
  • And more!

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Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Sometimes you may find your home or business beset by something a little bigger than a mouse or a bed bug. When creatures that belong in the wilderness decide to make a home for themselves where they are not wanted, contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions and we will provide prompt removal and relocation of problematic wildlife. It is crucial that these animals are dealt with in a timely manner and by a team of professionals, since their natural activity could result in damage to your home, property or place of business. Our focus is on the humane treatment of wildlife, and we will safely and professionally remove unwanted furry or feathery guests.

We have extensive experience in removing and relocating:

  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Skunks
  • Opossums
  • Foxes
  • Beavers
  • Woodpeckers
  • Other nuisance wildlife

It is important that professionals like us are utilized to handle the capture and relocation of wild animals. There is the potential for some of these animals to be aggressive, especially if they feel as though they are threatened or cornered. Do not attempt to handle or capture any wild creature that poses a threat to the safety of you or your family. We have the capability to trap or capture these animals, move them safely to a rural area, and release them so that they will not pose a threat or hazard to the people you care about and your property.

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Serving Eau Claire With Professionalism & Expertise

Since 2016, 1st Choice Pest Control has been serving the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area with professional pest control and removal services. Lloyd Katusky, the company founder, along with his team of experts, strives for excellence in every pest control job that comes our way. Our professionals have experience both individually as well as with national brands, so we can deliver the highest quality work at the most affordable rates in Wisconsin. We promise that we will deliver results that gain total customer satisfaction, and that all of our practices are safe for families and for the environment. We will get your pests under control and removed the first time. We value our friends and neighbors in Eau Claire, and we are committed to being the number one choice for pest control and removal. That’s why we’re called 1st Choice Pest Solutions!

Please contact us today regarding any pest control or removal problems you may have. Our team of experts will advise you on the next steps to take and provide you with a free estimate for our services. We look forward to serving you and our community, and we can’t wait to get started on making your home or business a place of comfort, free from any and all pest problems.

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