The final days of summer are among us, and soon, you’ll notice a chill in the air and may develop an intense craving for all things pumpkin. While it may be relieving to finally not have to deal with the common pests of the summer, the cooler temperatures of the fall can bring pest problems of their own. As temperatures drop and the nights become longer, all sorts of fall pests start looking for places to keep warm and spend their winter. And, if you’re not vigilant, fall pests may seek your home or business as shelter.

Common Pests To Look Out For This Fall

The fall season is one season that you don’t want to let down your guard when it comes to pests. To help better prepare and protect your property from a pest invasion, in this blog, we are going to review some of the most common types of pests found in the fall months, as well as some signs to keep an eye out for around your home.


As the outside temperatures begin to drop, rodents will begin their search for a warmer, more comfortable environment. Mice, rats, raccoons, and squirrels will all be on the hunt for winter lodging. Since rodents are pests that are typically prone to invading residential and commercial properties this fall, staying on the lookout for signs of a rodent infestation can help you identify a problem before it gets out of hand. Some signs to be on the lookout for include:

  • Droppings. Finding rodent droppings in and around your home or business is a sign of a severe rodent infestation. Keep an eye out for black, capsule-shaped droppings around food and water sources inside your property.
  • Signs Of Gnawing. Rodents are constantly gnawing on wiring, PVC pipes, ducts, plumbing, and through insulation because they need to constantly wear their teeth down. The longer a rodent infestation exists, the worse the damage from gnawing will be.
  • Discolored Areas. Many rodents have grease in their fur that can leave behind damaging marks or discoloration on any wood, siding, or walls they come in contact with. Seeing discoloration is an indication of a rodent intrusion.

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Spiders typically spend most of their summer on the exterior of a building, but when the temperatures cool, they will begin making their way inside. While most spiders that enter your home are not dangerous, with an exception of a Wisconsin brown recluse spider, seeing one crawling on the wall is something most homeowners would prefer avoiding. Additionally, if spiders are inside it can be an indication that other pests are inside, too. Here are a few areas where you may spot spiders during the fall season.

  • Spiders are often spotted in garages, attics, and basements, as well as near windows and doorways.
  • Spiders often venture through cracks in flooring, shelving, and between furniture.
  • Seeing spiders webs means there are spiders inside. Look for webs in corners, as well as between and behind objects and structures.

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Roaches and Other Insects

As one of the main culprits for spreading pathogens, bacteria, and allergies, roaches are likely to seek warmer environments when the temperatures begin to drop. With access to water, food, and shelter inside your home or business, roaches will be happy to stay nearby. In Wisconsin, there are a few types of roaches to look out for this fall.

  1. The German Cockroach. These roaches have two dark stripes behind their head and can be up to ⅝’’ long. Typically, they are found in bathrooms and kitchens.
  2. Brown-banded Cockroach. These light brown to glossy dark brown roaches, as the name suggests, and are about ⅝’’ inch long. They can be found in any area inside your property.
  3. American Cockroach. A reddish-chestnut brown in color, with light markings behind the head, this roach can be up to 1 ½’’ inches long.
  4. Oriental Cockroach. These cockroaches are dark brown to shiny black and can be up to one inch in length. They are most often found in damp crawl spaces, basements, and floor drains.

You may also begin to find other insects in your home when the temperatures begin to drop, such as boxelder bugs and ants.

If you notice any of these pests inside your home this upcoming fall, it is important to contact a professional pest control company. If you need pest control in Eau Claire, WI and the surrounding areas, contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions!