The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Bat Removal

If you’ve got a bat problem in your house, you must know how awful it’s to put up with the smell of bat droppings and squeaky noises. However, bat removal at home is not that easy of a task. And resorting to a bat removal company to poison them isn’t just cruel. Still, it’s also considered illegal as state laws protect them.

That’s why hiring a professional dealing with bat removal is essential. Professionals will be able to safely catch the bats and then release them out into the wild. After all, bats will eat other insects in your house and have other benefits. Here are a few reasons why DIY bat removal tips and methods are not a good idea.

Beware Of Bats Infestations: Diseases

Bats may carry many diseases or contribute to spreading them around. For example, rabies is a huge threat, so if you are bitten by one, you may become infected. Even though only about 3% of bats have the virus, rabies can cause long-term health problems. The problem is that it’s difficult to tell which bats are infected and which aren’t, so you should avoid trying to pick them up.

Feces Can Make You Sick

Furthermore, bat droppings can also be hazardous. Fungi that grow from feces can produce spores that may cause diseases like Histoplasma. It can, however, develop into your lungs in more severe cases, causing shortness of breath and even respiratory failure. 

DIY Removal Methods Are Discouraged Against Endangered Species

Like bald eagles and grizzly bears, bats are protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Bats are pollinators who may transport seeds from one location to another, allowing plants to develop and spread. They also consume other insects and are the only species capable of pollinating the agave plant.

Usually, when an untrained person tries to remove bats on their own. They could risk putting their health and money on the line, not to mention the legal repercussions they could have for killing these misunderstood creatures.

Let The Experts Handle It

At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, we handle all kinds of pests, from rodents to insects, wood-destroying pests, and wildlife creatures such as raccoons, birds, and bats. We’ll provide free pest identification, estimate, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So you don’t have to wonder, “Who’s got the best pest control near me?” Contact us today to schedule your appointment.