Nuisance Bat Removal in Eau Claire

When you encounter a population of unwelcome bats on your property, it’s time to contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions! We’ve had years of experience dealing with all of the animal species that call Wisconsin home, and we bring that expertise with us on every job! One of the more common nuisance wildlife calls we receive is for bat removal, and for good reasons — Wisconsin is home to several bat species which, when left unchecked and residing where they shouldn’t be, can cause some real problems. 

1st Choice Pest Solutions is committed to providing you with prompt, safe nuisance wildlife removal, including bat populations. It’s crucial that all nuisance wildlife problems should be dealt with quickly, because even the natural activities of wild animals can have a negative effect on your property and can pose potential health risks. We make absolutely every effort to humanely treat the animals that we capture, and we safely remove and relocate them to an area where they won’t cause problems to human neighbors. 


Why You Should Never Ignore a Bat Problem

While bats play an important role in our Wisconsin ecosystem, when they cross paths with people and become a nuisance, you really just want them out of the way. While it may seem like a good idea to just let bats go about their batty ways, you shouldn’t ignore a bat infestation. Most of the time, when you see a bat, they’re just passing through, but if you notice large numbers of bats settling near your roof or eaves, or leaving your area around sunset, you may have a potentially harmful wildlife situation on your hands. 

Bats can be carriers of some nasty infectious diseases, such as rabies, and can also spread lice, mites, and other parasites. You don’t want these potential health risks anywhere near your family, friends, or pets. 

Serious damage to your property can occur when bats are left to their own devices. Large amounts of dropping can cause foul odors and stains to appear, as well as structural damage to roofing materials and any electrical components in your attic. Be vigilant about noticing the signs of the presence of bats because frequently, they can roost for months before they’re noticed, and by then, the damage may already have been done. 

Bats tend to be rather prolific reproducers, with many colonies doubling in size every year. That creates a lot of potential for damage to occur and major health hazards to appear. If or when you discover a bat population on your residential or commercial property, let the professionals at 1st Choice Pest Solutions come and assess the situation, devise a removal strategy, and help you take the preventative measures necessary to prevent any future infestations. 

Common Bat Species in Wisconsin

  • Big Brown Bat
  • Little Brown Bat (the most common)
  • Silver-Haired Bat
  • Northern Long-Eared Bat
  • Eastern Red Bat
  • Hoary Bat
  • Eastern Pipistrelle

Take Back Control of Your Home from Nuisance Wildlife!

When bats are threatening to take over your home or business, you can trust the fast, friendly, and professional pest control techs near you at 1st Choice Pest Solutions! Contact us with any questions you have and to schedule a free assessment of your property when nuisance wildlife show up! We look forward to helping you.