Yes, we get it; you want to tackle the ants in your kitchen with a homemade mixture. Maybe a friend, a relative, or even through online searching, you may have come across a recipe for DIY pest control methods. But is it safe? Do you really want to spray the formula all over your kitchen, where you do the cooking and vegetable cutting for your family? Someone who’s more experienced in the area might hesitate to create a DIY household pest control liquid. It is just too risky. 

Now that I have your attention let’s cut to the chase. Let’s look at the risks of DIY pest control and why hiring a professional is safe, cost-effective, and a healthier choice to tackle pest infestation. Let’s jump right in. 


DIY Pest Control? No, Thank You 

DIY should be used for making family picture frames or homemade planters, not pest control. You might want to spray this liquid everywhere, even in pantries and bathrooms, but wouldn’t it be safer to just contact the pros? Let’s take a closer look at why DIY pest control tips are so risky. 

DIY Pest Control Tips Are Not That Effective 

Making a DIY household pest control liquid might eliminate pests on the surface but won’t take care of the root of the problem. You don’t know what’s lurking underneath your house, attic, or garden shed. 

Hazardous Chemicals That Aren’t Safe For Your Family 

If you spray these chemicals indoors, you might breathe in harsh, unsafe gas. It’s always essential to contact professionals that know how to handle potent pesticides. 

Pest Can Retaliate 

So, you want to get rid of that bee hive that’s been bothering you all this time? Well, unless you own a beekeeping suit, you can get stung by a swarm of bees after applying a DIY pest control method. You can avoid this unfortunate event by quickly calling the experts. 


Keep You and Your Family Safe With Reliable Pest Control Services 

Don’t settle for just any pest control service, or worse, try to DIY a mixture of who knows what. Let the experts at 1st Choice Pest Solutions give you a hand with all your pest infestation needs. We’ve proudly assisted dozens of homeowners like you since 2015. You can get pest free in no time with our services. Just follow these easy 3 steps:

  1. Give us a call or fill out a form online. 
  2. We will inspect your home or business. 
  3. We do the job right the first time so you can live pest-free! 

Create the best food recipes in your new pest-free kitchen or pantry, or have a good night’s sleep without the annoying bed bugs. Create a safe place for you and your family today!