Your First Choice for Spring Bug & Pest Control

Now that we’ve officially emerged from winter and summer is just around the corner, residents of Wisconsin are beginning to see some familiar springtime pests rear their tiny heads. 1st Choice Pest Solutions in Eau Claire is extremely well-versed in dealing with all of the native pest populations that make themselves known in the spring, and we want to be your first choice for buggy relief. While we effectively deal with pests all year long, the spring brings with it a familiar slew of pests each time it comes around. This spring, be on the lookout for these common Wisconsin pests, and contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions to be rid of these critters! Don’t let their populations get out of control, or you could end up paying a lot more in damages to your property or personal health than the affordable rates we offer.


These pesky little arachnids are external parasites that love to seek out a warm host. Typically appearing in the spring around Wisconsin, ticks can cause a long list of health problems, most notably Lyme Disease, which can cause a rash, flu-like symptoms, joint pain, and fatigue. Although many people recover from a tick bite, sometimes these symptoms become chronic conditions. Not every tick spreads Lyme Disease, but their bite is painful to pets and humans, and should always be taken seriously for their dangerous potential to spread disease.

Japanese Beetles

Before your healthy lawn even gets a chance to start flourishing, it could fall victim to the grub stage of the Japanese beetle. While in this phase of their life cycle, Japanese beetles feed on the root system of grasses, and your lawn could be like a Las Vegas buffet. If you notice dead spots or bare areas in your lawn, these beetle grubs could be the cause. Left unchecked, these grubs will become adult beetles that feed on leaves and trees, and even your flowers.

Boxelder Bugs

These bugs are tricky, because they don’t generally cause a lot of trouble in the spring — however, if their population is left unchecked, you could have a real problem in the late summer and fall. The spring season is generally when Boxelders reproduce prolifically, especially in and around box elder, ash, and maple trees. If you’ve ever squished a boxelder bug, you may have noticed that they give off a rather unpleasant odor. If you notice a prominent presence of these bugs around your property, you can be assured that come autumn, when the temperatures start to drop, that your home will be the perfect refuge from the chill. Let 1st Choice Pest Solutions take measures to effectively reduce or eliminate the population of Box Elder bugs from around your property as soon as you notice them and save yourself a headache in the fall. 


In this part of the country, the mosquitos are practically big enough to carry off housecats. In the spring, mosquito eggs begin to hatch, and in less than two weeks, those baby skeeters are full-fledged adults that ruin any sort of outdoor grilling party or get-together. Like their pesky counterpart the tick, mosquitos are known to commonly spread disease like West Nile Virus and Yellow Fever. Even if you don’t get sick from a mosquito bite, there’s nothing worse than perpetually itchy ankles from innumerable bites. 


Just in time for the weather to allow for windows being opened to the refreshing spring breezes, ants begin to emerge from their nests. Your home is stop number one on their food search, especially in kitchens, pantries, and any place you may store pet food outdoors. Any particles of food that miss the trash can become a beacon for ants, and before you know it, they can be crawling all over your food supplies. To make things even worse, the presence of ants has been shown to worsen the symptoms of asthma, allergies, and other common respiratory ailments. 

Wasps & Stinging Insects

With the return of fun and sun comes wasps and other stinging insects. Although the occasional wasp or bumblebee is nothing to be worried about, if you begin to notice a concentrated population of stinging insects, you could have an unwanted hive or nest on your property. 1st Choice Pest Solutions can quickly spot problem areas where wasps would be attracted to and accurately assess if you have a stinging insect problem. Don’t put yourself, your family, or your pets at risk by attempting to take care of a big wasp problem on your own. Our methods of treatment include not only extermination of these pests, but strategies to prevent them from returning.

1st Choice Pest Solutions in Eau Claire

Store-bought solutions and do-it-yourself pest control measures may provide you with some temporary relief, but to truly find a pest control solution, you need professional services. 1st Choice Pest Solutions has been serving Eau Claire and the surrounding areas for years with our fast, friendly, professional, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed pest control. If you notice these common springtime pests, or any other nuisance animals and wildlife, contact your friends at 1st Choice Pest Solutions. We’ll quickly have a licensed pest control technician out to your property to perform a free estimate, and create a time-tested and effective strategy for providing relief to you, your family, and your home or business. We look forward to hearing from you soon!