Mouse in the House?

So, despite your best efforts to prevent it, you’ve discovered that there are mice in your house. You’re not sure how they got there, but nonetheless, there they are. When the problem is too large or complicated to handle simply on your own, you need to give us a call at 1st Choice Pest Solutions, serving the greater Eau Claire area! In the meantime, there are some easy things that you can do to stop mice in their tracks. 

Become a Mouse Detective

If you notice a mouse in your house, it’s time to investigate where they may be finding refuge. Look for rodent droppings around food stores, in the backs of drawers or cupboards, under the sink, and in the pantry. It is in these little nooks and crannies that you might find where these pests are hiding out. You may also notice evidence of rodent nesting materials tucked away in the corners of your home; items like shredded paper, fabric, leaves and twigs, etc. It is additionally recommended that you give your home a once-over and look for access points that you might be missing. Look for cracks, holes, broken window screens, doors that don’t seal properly, and other damage. Your pet can also become your detective partner — if you ever notice your dog or cat behaving strangely around certain parts of your home, they may be hearing the small scampering sounds of rodents that you are missing. Take note of these locations!

Remove Rodent Resources

Make it as difficult as possible for rodents to set up shop in your abode. Remove nesting materials from easy-to-access areas of your home, and make sure that there are no piles of leaves or other detritus in the immediate vicinity of your home. These act as easy building materials and only encourage rodents to move in. If there are any obvious sources of food around your home, do your best to remove them. This is especially true for pet food — if you can help it, never keep pet food outdoors. You may as well leave a steak dinner on your doorstep.

If you have a bird feeder near your home, you may also be unwillingly feeding the rodents. Make sure bird feeders are an adequate distance away from your home to discourage rodents from collecting and storing this resource where you like to store your potato chips. In a similar way, make sure all storage bins and trash containers are secured and inaccessible to rodents.

Operation Bye-Bye Mousey

If you feel like your rodent situation is limited to the lone-wolf of the rodent community, and there is only one perpetrator, you can try to take care of the problem yourself with traps and baits. There are several options easily available at your local hardware or grocery store. However, if you notice more than one rodent, there are likely more than two, and you may have an infestation (or the beginnings of one) on your hands. In this case, we recommend calling the experts here at 1st Choice Pest Solutions right away! We can provide on-site assessments and determine the severity of the rodent problem around your home. We specialize on effectively dealing with rodent problems, and helping your home remain secure from future infestations. Contact us today with any questions you may have, and we look forward to serving you in and around Eau Claire!