How Safe Is Pest Control Around Your Home?

The safety of your family should always be one of your highest concerns. In this, 1st Choice Pest Solutions absolutely agrees! Safety for our customers, our neighbors, their pets, and our technicians here in Eau Claire is our top priority, period. You may be asking yourself “how can this be safe? You’re using chemicals and other tools to exterminate pests and you’re using them around my home!” That concern is absolutely valid, and it is a question that we get asked frequently. Rest assured, 1st Choice Pest Solutions is here to serve you and your family with the most professional pest control services, and we’ve done our homework in regards to safety. 

Our Technicians Are Professionally Trained

1st Choice Pest Solutions only uses approved pesticides in our extermination practices. For the most part, these chemicals are not harmful to people or pets — as long as they are used correctly. In cases where pesticides caused harm to people or pets, the chemicals were either not approved by safety authorities, or they were improperly used by untrained individuals, unnecessarily putting others at risk. Because of the nature of what pesticides are designed to do, they are heavily tested and regulated by government agencies like the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Before a pesticide is ever approved for commercial use, it has to be approved by these organizations. 

1st Choice Will Never Put You At Risk

It would be pretty poor business practice on our part to ever put our customers at risk while performing our services. All of the pesticides that we use have gone through a rigorous assessment protocol that was produced by the EPA, which considers the risk to the environment, to people, and to household pets. A chemical that can’t pass this assessment is not approved by the EPA, and we will not use it around your family. 

The professionalism and knowledge of our pest control technicians is our greatest asset for safety. Our techs know exactly how much of a pesticide needs to be applied to be both effective at taking care of your pest problem and remaining under a safe level. Should the event ever arise that there is any risk of harm or danger to you, your family, or your pets, your trained pest control tech will act quickly to alert you to the danger. This is a rare scenario, and our techs are trained to keep a situation from ever getting to the point of danger. It is because of this training that we encourage you to call us for our fast, friendly service when you have a pest problem in or around Eau Claire! Untrained hands could lead to unforeseen results and consequences.

If you are ever concerned about what chemicals our technicians are using around your home, you are more than welcome to ask about them. Our techs are knowledgeable about all of the chemicals we use, and can name the active ingredients, what those ingredients specifically do, and the risk involved in using the chemical. We want you to have absolute peace of mind about all of our pest control practices, and we encourage this transparency in all of our employees.   

Precautions Our Technicians Take

Before we ever treat a home or business for pests, we will be very clear about any precautions that you need to do beforehand. We make every effort to have there be as little interruption to your daily life as possible, but in the event that you need to vacate an area or make sure an area is clear of specific items, we will inform you in advance. In the meantime, here are some basic practices that you can do to protect your family from accidental exposure to potentially harmful chemicals:

  • Ensure that pets and children do not enter an area that is actively being treated.
  • If an area is being treated that contains food, it’s best to remove those food items or properly secure them to avoid the risk of exposure. Our techs will let you know when this is a possibility. 
  • Remove clothing from areas that are being treated.
  • Practice general cleanliness after a treatment. It’s best practice to make sure you wash your hands if you’ve been in an area that has been recently treated. 
  • If it is necessary that you are not present during a chemical application, our technician will let you know in advance.

After any treatment, our pest control experts will let you know when an area is safe to enter again, and any other safety measures that should be taken into account. 

Let 1st Choice Pest Solutions Help

If you are in need of a pest control solution, we would like to invite you to contact us today! You can schedule an on-site evaluation of your pest problem, where a trained technician will determine the extent of pest infestation and recommend a course of action. We’ve proudly served our friends and family in and around Eau Claire for years, and have done so with the highest safety standards in the business. There is a reason that we want to be your 1st Choice, and that is that we value you and your family’s health and safety above anything else. Contact us today and let us safely take care of your bug, rodent, or wildlife pest. We look forward to serving you!