The holiday season is officially here! Depending on your holiday plans and traditions, you may be heading out-of-town to enjoy some time spent with family and loved ones. While this is an enjoyable time, nothing can ruin the holiday spirit like returning to a home infested with pests.

Believe it or not, pest infestations commonly take place right before, during, or after the holidays! To keep your holidays merry and bright, we are going to review some tips to ensure pests don’t invade your home during your holiday trip.

Locate And Fix Drafts

Drafts occur when a cap in the wall of a home allows outdoor air to seep in. The cold air from outside enters in, while the warm indoor air is simultaneously pushed out. Pests, such as rodents, can feel this warm air outside and will likely follow it to its source in search of a place to keep warm. Just about any gap wide enough to create a draft could be wide enough to let mice in. Most drafts are found near doors and windows or in basements or attics. To keep pests and cold drafts from invading your home, seal any gaps that create drafts with caulk or an insulation material where applicable.  

Repair Leaks

All living creatures need water to live, even overwintering pests. Just like warmth, pests are attracted to moisture and warmth. Small insects don’t require much water to get by, so even a small plumbing leak will provide them with the water source they need. Pests can locate moisture sources sensing air humidity or smelling loose moisture. Even small leaks, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or basement, can increase a home’s humidity enough to attract pests.

Seal Entryways

Entryways, such as doors and windows are the most common way pests enter into homes. As we mentioned earlier with drafts, tiny holes or spaces will naturally develop near doors and windows. Outside elements wear away at thresholds and weatherstripping and continuous use may cause wear and tear or damage. Some pests will even damage sealing surrounding thresholds themselves to get inside. If your weatherstripping is looking work, you should consider restriping the doors and windows in your home. While this should be done seasonally, it definitely should be done before leaving your home for a few days.  

Even if your holidays are busier than ever, taking the time to pest proof your home before leaving for a trip is essential to preventing a pest infestation. Following these three steps is fairly simple, and they’ll buy you some much-needed peace of mind while you’re away enjoying the holiday festivities.

Remember, if you are ever faced with a pest infestation, you can rely on 1st Choice Pest Solutions for effective pest control solutions. For more information, contact our pest control company!