Attics usually are one of the least frequented places in a home. When unfinished, these spaces aren’t well lit, aren’t properly cleaned, and often feature insulation that’s unsafe to breathe for long periods of time – and that also provides perfect nesting grounds for many types of pests that find their way into your house.

To prevent this, pest control companies have come with a solution that takes out two birds with one stone: pest control insulation. When installing this in your home, you keep your home well-insulated while also keeping your attic pest-free, along with a pretty impressive list of other benefits.

What Is Pest Control Insulation? How Does It Work?

Pest control insulation is a boron-based compressed fiber that kills pests in a clever way. Boron, a natural occurring trace mineral necessary for our health, disrupts insects’ digestive systems by killing their gut bacteria that aids in metabolic processes. For animals that have livers, the borates can be processed. But bugs don’t have livers, so it is fatal to them.

Pest control insulation is effective against:

  • Termites
  • Silverfish
  • Cockroaches
  • Wasps
  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • And other insects

Even though pest control insulation isn’t guaranteed to stop wildlife pests like rats, mice, and squirrels, it stops the food source for these pets and they definitely will not want to make their nests out of it.

Other Benefits of Pest Control Insulation

Pest control insulation is considered least-toxic for humans. Unlike fiberglass insulation, it doesn’t cause itching, burning, or skin irritation. Other benefits of this type of insulation include:

  • Insulation saves you money. Keeps your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter.
  • This insulation is flame retardant.
  • Pest control insulation is made with recycled materials, meaning it’s eco-friendly.
  • It resists mold and fungi, improving your home’s air quality
  • And of course, it fights pests!

Want To Get Pest Control Insulation in Eau Claire?

Adding pest control insulation to your home could be one of the smartest investments you ever do. You will not only save money on your energy bills, but you will also keep your home pest-free indefinitely (yes, indefinitely).

At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, we install pest control insulation in Eau Claire and surrounding areas. We’ll be more than happy to schedule a visit to your home and help you with your upgrade. Contact us today for a free consultation!