Mice and other rodents can damage your property in costly ways. Mice can tear down and contaminate insulation, increasing your spending on energy. They also chew electrical wires, causing your electronic devices to malfunction and damage home structures such as roofs, framing, and siding. 

However, most pest control methods are not as effective as other methods. Pest control is designed to “control the pest temporarily,” making the service repeatedly required rather than preventing or eliminating the problem. With the innovative Pest Control Attic Insulation, you will prevent mice from causing disasters on your property.

Applying Pest Control Attic Insulation

The process of making your home mice-free with Pest Control Attic Insulation is reasonably straightforward; however, it must be done by professionals. Professionals have the proper knowledge and equipment to make this process smooth and efficient.

  1. The first step is to remove the current insulation. Insulation removal is done to eliminate mice feces, which are toxic for humans to inhale.
  2. The second step is to remove the feces, clean, and sanitize the area. Mice leave waste to mark territory; neutralizing their scent will make sure they lose orientation and avoid returning to that area. This way, mice will not cause future damage.
  3. The third step is to localize all possible holes or entrances mice use and seal them. This will force them to find a nest somewhere else.
  4. The fourth step is to seal any gaps and cracks that might produce small air leaks. Air leaks can have your energy consumption increase considerably. However, this will make your home more comfortable and efficient.
  5. The fifth and last step is to apply the Pest Control Attic Insulation. Pest Control Attic Insulation works as a fire-retardant and sound-deadening insulation and pest control agent. When used, the pest control attic insulation fills in the gaps and cracks of the surface, creating a complete layer to avoid any opening for temperatures or pests to go through. It is installed with the use of a hose that pours out tiny insulation fibers.

Pest Control Attic Insulation is safe to use around humans and pets, but deadly to insects and pests. It serves as an extra sealing to avoid mice from breaking into your home and cause a more significant issue.

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