Wintertime is usually associated with cold and holidays, and just like you, bats look for a cozy warm place to make their nest during winter, and they might just choose your property to do so. Bat nests pose a risk to your home’s integrity and your health.

If you hear squeaking in your attic or ceiling during the nighttime, you probably have a few unwanted guests living there. However, If you know a bat nest is growing in your home, it’s best to call a professional to remove them before attempting to do the task yourself.

Importance of Hiring an Expert

Pest control companies like 1st Pest Choice Solutions employ a team of experts that are experienced enough to handle bat removal. They have the knowledge and tools to deal with this type of pest.

The process usually involved thoroughly inspecting the property and seeing where the bats are coming in and out. After sealing all but one exit, they’ll lure the bats with traps and exclude them from the rest. Once all bats are out, they’ll fill the remaining exit to prevent any bats from entering again.

If you remove them yourself, you run the risk of getting bit, injuring yourself, overspending money, or even killing the bats—which are protected under the ESA, so you’d face legal repercussions.

Hazard of a Bat Nest in Your Property

A bat colony on your property might have several severe consequences. The corrosive nature of guano may cause it to build and seep through walls, causing damage to the ceiling and destroying insulation. This leads to fast structural degeneration and the need for expensive repairs.

Aside from structural damage to your home, guano buildup can also develop Histoplasma spores; when breathed, these spores can turn into histoplasmosis, a bacteria that affects your respiratory system. And while most bats don’t carry rabies, it only takes one infected bat to bite you and transmit the virus.

Hire Humane Bat Removal Services

Whenever you suspect or know that there is a bat nest in your property, make sure to call a highly-qualified and reputable company, like 1st Pest Choice Solutions. Don’t break your head by looking up “pest control near me” or “bat removal near me,” our team is ready to assist you so you can enjoy the rest of your winter in peace. Get a free estimate by visiting our website.

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