As we get closer to the winter season, and temperatures begin dropping in Wisconsin, it is likely that your home or business may be targeted by mice. During this time of year, mice will begin heading indoors to escape the frigid temperature and search for food during the winter months. While they may seem like cute little creatures to some, mice can cause headaches for home and business owners alike. Not only can these common household pests contaminate food and other surfaces with bacteria, but mice and their droppings can make you and those inside sick. Not to mention, they also can bring in fleas, ticks, and other parasites you don’t want to let into your home.

Even by taking preventive measures to keep rodents out of your home this winter, mice always seem to find a way. Being excellent climbers, swimmers, and being able to squeeze through openings as small as a dime, mice are well-equipped to find a way inside. In this blog, we will review some common ways mice get into your home.


Because mice are small, they can gain access to your home by squeezing through the cracks in the foundation of your home. Rubble foundations and stacked stone foundations are particularly susceptible to gaps that are big enough for these rodents to get through. Make sure to look for any cracks in the foundation of your residential or commercial building, and fill any with silicone caulk as needed.

Attached Garages

Do you have an attached garage? If so, this may be one of the main ways mice and other rodents gain access to your home when the temperatures begin to drop. Leaving your garage door open for long periods of time and having an uneven garage door are just a couple of ways mice can get closer to getting inside your home. Remember to be mindful about leaving your garage door open, and consider installing weather stripping on your garage door to help prevent these pests from getting inside.


Does your home or business have a chimney? If so, it could be a potential entry point to your home for mice. Since they are able to climb well, mice can easily scale a chimney and get into your home. Chimney caps and metal chimney bases are effective ways to keep mice and other pests out of your chimney.

Gutters and Downspouts

Again, due to the exceptional climbing ability of mice, they can easily climb up downspouts and along gutters to access any openings near or on the roof of your house or business. Installing a gutter mesh should help exclude rodents from your gutters and gaining entry to your home.

As you can see, mice can gain access to your home in a variety of different ways. If you suspect you have mice in your home, be sure to look out for common signs that you need rodent control services. If you do notice mice scurrying throughout your home or business, contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions to handle the issue. Our locally owned and operated pest control company has complete familiarity with the mice and other rodents of West Central Wisconsin and how best to get them out of your property. To receive a free estimate, contact us!