If you live in a property with a bat nest up on your roof, you’ve probably heard their incessant squeaks. And while you might tolerate their noise, you soon won’t be tolerating the stench and structural damage that their guano could do to your home or business.

At times, you might think that hiring an exterminator might be the best option, but exterminating bats has serious legal consequences. It’s best to remove them humanely by hiring a professional.

In this post, we’ll go over a few things to consider before hiring a bat exterminator.

Bat Removal Services

It’s not simple to get rid of bats once you’ve had them in your home. At this point, you’re probably wondering how on earth they got in there. In addition to being inhumane, using a bat exterminator to poison them is also unlawful since state laws protect them.

As a result, employing a bat removal specialist is critical. By using trained professionals, the bats may be caught and released back into the wild. Bats can be beneficial to your property as they usually eat other insects and pollinate plants.

It’s Safer to Call Professionals

A single bat doesn’t pose any threat; however, a whole nest of them might. Bat droppings, called “Guano,” are highly-corrosive, and when left untreated and accumulated, they might start doing structural damage to your house. Guano can also develop fungal spores that can cause Histoplasmosis if breathed in.

In addition to the guano and stench, bats may also carry the rabies virus. And although only a small percentage of bats have this virus, you don’t want to risk getting bitten and accidentally contracting it, as rabies can be fatal or even develop into long-term health issues.

Bat Extermination is Not Good

It’s a good idea to ask yourself, “Do I need an exterminator?” Do think twice before you kill a bunch of them by mistake. Many species are listed as “endangered” for a reason.

Very often, the word “extermination” is misused to mean “removal” or “uprooting.” Trying to find the best bat exterminator is like trying to find the best “bald eagle hunter.” Since these species are protected under state law and the Endangered Species Act (ESA), one must not exterminate them. Bats are excellent pollinators and do more for us and the ecosystem than they do harm.

We Offer Safe Bat Removal Services

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