Extreme temperatures and pests are not a good combination someone would like to have at their homes. However, it is prevalent to see in the attic of homes the concentration of bugs and pests because the pest prevention mechanisms are not as efficient as they should be. To solve this problem, Pest Control Attic Insulation was created.

What Is Pest Control Attic Insulation?

Just by the name, you can tell more or less what it is. Pest Control Attic Insulation is a service that uses an insulation material made out of fiber that contains proprietary formulations that produce fire-retardant and sound-deadening insulation. It also works as a pest control agent. It is environmentally friendly as it includes recycled materials. It is safe to use around humans and pets, but deadly to insects and pests. Furthermore, it can be used in attics, walls, and crawl spaces of a new construction or as a cap in existing attic insulation. 

How Do Pest Control Attic Insulation Work?

Given Pest Control Attic insulation is a pest control service, pest control professionals must be the ones to apply it. When applied, the pest control attic insulation material used fills in the gaps and cracks of the surface, creating a complete layer to avoid any opening for temperatures or pests to go through. It is installed with the use of a hose that pours out tiny insulation fibers. 

Benefits of Pest Control Attic Insulation

Applying this kind of insulation has a list of advantages that makes it a safe and worth-it investment. Some benefits include:

  • Keeps the thermal temperature of your home
  • Reduces noise from the outside
  • Helps control common household insects
  • Resists mold and fungi
  • It is eco-friendly

Keep Your House As Comfortable As Possible With 1st Choice Pest Solutions

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