As an expectant mother, your well-being should be prioritized during pregnancy. You want to ensure you eat nutritious meals and get enough rest – not worrying about whether certain pesticides threaten you and your baby! All this talk about pest control can leave you a bit anxious. 

Expecting mothers should take extra precautions when exposing themselves to pesticides during pregnancy, as studies have suggested that such exposure may heighten health risks for developing babies. 

Fortunately, safer alternatives are available for pregnant women who need pesticides in their homes or gardens. Eco-friendly, or “green,” pesticides are made from natural ingredients that pose fewer risks to human health. You shouldn’t be worried about the consequences of pest control methods when talking about eco-friendly products. Keep reading for more information. 

Say Goodbye To Worrying About Pesticides During Pregnancy – Here’s Why


We understand your anxiety regarding pesticides during pregnancy. Some pest control treatment side effects may include skin irritation, respiratory distress, or gastrointestinal symptoms. 

If there is uncertainty, always consult a doctor before applying pesticides in your home.

But if you need pest control you must take some essential safety measures. Let’s go through them quickly so you can ensure a risk-free application of eco-friendly pest control.

How to Keep Your Precious Bundle of Joy Safe From Harmful Pesticides


As pregnant women, you should be kept far away from the area where eco-friendly pesticides are applied, including staying inside during and after the application. This ensures your health and safety.

Pregnant women should be extra cautious regarding pest control applications. If you’re pregnant and need pest control services, it’s best to stay away from the area until the process is finished and approved by a certified company. 

To ensure your safety, consider staying at a friend or family member’s home while this is taking place.

Get Peace of Mind – Wear the Right Gear during Pregnancy

Pregnant women must take extra caution to protect themselves from any potential risks associated with pesticide exposure. You can achieve this by wearing protective clothing, such as gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and pants, which will help limit skin contact with the pesticide and prevent inhalation.

Pregnant Women Should Avoid Gardening or Outdoor Activities After a Pesticide Application

Yes, we know you want your petunias and tulips to look spectacular. But remember, you are pregnant and should only be worried about your health. You should avoid outdoor activities such as gardening to ensure safety. 

Remaining in areas where pesticides are not used whenever possible is advisable. This precaution minimizes potential risks of exposure and keeps you safe from harm.

It’s also advised to stay away from the application area for at least 24 hours after the treatment. 


Our Experts Take The Necessary Precautions When a Pregnant Woman Is In The Home


Regarding eco-friendly pesticides, It’s best to consult a doctor or pest control professional before using any pesticide treatment if a pregnant woman is home.

At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, we are committed to keeping your family and the environment safe by providing eco-friendly solutions that effectively repel pests while minimizing their environmental impact. 

We prioritize your safety and want your home to be pest free to welcome your new baby.