Winter is already here, and you’re not the only one looking for a warm and cozy shelter. As resources such as food and water become scarce in the winter, pests are more likely to come inside looking for refuge. This blog post has compiled a list of the most common winter pests you should be aware of and watch out for this winter of 2022.

Potentially Increased Pest Activity In The Winter Of 2022?

With a mild winter during 2021 and an extended warm period in the spring of 2022, pest populations may have grown and are now looking for a place to survive during colder temperatures. Unfortunately, the winter of 2022 could potentially bring home an increase in pest activity. Pests that come out in the winter can cause numerous problems and diseases, so it’s essential to understand how they can impact us.

Pest That Come Out In The Winter

Crawling Insects

Although these insects rarely cause long-lasting damage, they can bother many people. Occasionally, crawling insects may bite or sting humans, especially if they feel threatened or are confined in small spaces (such as shoes or clothing). It’s worth mentioning that most bites and stings are not poisonous.

Urban Wildlife

Wildlife like squirrels and other mammals can cause considerable damage in the winter months. This type of urban wildlife is more likely to find an area around your home that is warm and dry. Chimneys, garages, or attics are common places for raccoons, skunks, and others to enter your home. They can chew through walls, steal food, and even carry fleas or other diseases.

Pest Birds

Birds can also become a problem in the winter months. Pigeons can carry parasites like fleas, mites, and ticks and transmit diseases to humans. They can cause significant damage to your property with their droppings and nesting habits. Birds often nest in small crevices, drains, and gutters. Their nests can cause drainage issues and fire hazards. 


Cockroaches love the warmth and moisture of your home during the winter months. They can cause damage to furniture, carpets, walls, and other structures in your home through eating and nesting. Cockroaches also spread salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, and E. coli.


Rodents remain one of the most dangerous and destructive pests in the winter. They cause considerable damage and pose a severe health risk to humans and pets alike. Rodents are attracted to warm places and can become a nuisance as soon they enter your home. Rodents leave behind droppings and other rapidly multiplying germs spreading diseases.

Keep Pest At Bay This Winter With 1st Choice Pest Solutions

In winter, pests become increasingly troublesome and can wreak havoc on homes and other residential structures. As temperatures drop, problems look for a warm and cozy place to take refuge—and chances are they may end up in your home. Fortunately, there are ways to keep most common winter pests out.

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